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StalagStammlager (main camp; Germany WWII)
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In late January, the Stalag Luft IV airmen could see the distant flash of artillery fire, which meant an advancing front--and probably their liberation--were not far away.
This illustration shows the layout of the North Compound of Stalag Luft III, including the positioning of the tunnels in relation to the sentry towers and pine forest, (courtesy OF UGHTFOOT ART & DESIGN INC., DUNDURN PRESS)
By the end of the month, he was a POW in Stalag 17B in Austria.
A six foot fence our side would be a 10 feet fence their side and would have had them looking up at a wall of timber, hemmed in by a stockade that might have been built at Stalag 27.
In 1944, POWs in the Stalag Luft Six camp secretly produced the "Yorkshire Post Kriegie edition" - Kriegie being a short version of Kriegsgefangener, German for prisoner-of-war.
As served up by Hollywood, it's easy to forget that the Prisoner of War camp Stalag Luft III, made famous in the film, really existed.
Taylor was taken to the infamous Stalag Luft III camp during its strictest regime, being incarcerated after the legendary Great Escape and Trojan horse bid for freedom.
Reports recently claimed the last survivor of Stalag Luft III had died, yet the Sunday Mercury tracked down a former Midlands man, now living in Perth, Australia, who was there.
l Spent time in the notorious Stalag Luft III - immortalised in the classic movie The Great Escape.
A SCHOOL has lost its battle to keep a new classroom nicknamed Stalag Luft by residents.