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S/BShould Be
S/BStarting Bid (trade)
S/BSand Blast
S/BSeen By (UK medical reporting)
S/BSouthbound (traffic/transportation)
S/BSignal to Background (ratio)
S/BSwitch Board
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Storage Battery Systems said with the acquisition of Quality Standby Services, the company further increases geographic reach and customer base, and adds new products and expanded services.
Since automatic standby generators use natural gas and liquid propane, the cost of running this machine will be cheaper.
In the 172S, the essential bus is fed by both aircraft electrical buses and standby batteries.
"Producing premium content for top brands is the continued aim for Standby Productions and these films are a perfect example of what we can do and where we're going as a business.
You will have the choice of selecting a standby ticket for the 8 p.m.
The new standby generator models, powered by natural gas, are offered in 80kW, 100kW, 150kW and 200kW.
DSWD's standby capacities include stockpiling of relief commodities, human resources, logistical facilities and standby funds.
Investors will have the benefit of an irrevocable standby letter of credit denominated in Chinese yuan issued by ABC that will expire one month after the maturity of the bonds.
Around 78% of Britons leave at least two devices on standby while 53% say their TV stays on even when they are not watching.
Often, a standby power system pays for itself in one power outage.
Several enthusiasts and outlets have installed Google's beta version of Android M on their smartphones and are reporting back that they're seeing significant gains in standby battery life.
Global Banking News-January 20, 2015--Greece seeks standby ECB funding
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