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STBDSomething to Be Desired (TV series)
STBDStock Tank Barrel per Day (oil industry)
STBDSpace-Time Block Decoder
STBDSecrets of Tunnel Boat Design (Jim Russell book)
STBDStill to Be Determined/Decided
STBDSoon to Be Dad
STBDSpinal Trabecular Bone Density
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Various were the emotions depicted upon the countenances of the starboard watch whilst listening to this address; but on its conclusion there was a general move towards the forecastle, and we soon were all busily engaged in getting ready for the holiday so auspiciously announced by the skipper.
The encounter occurred on the starboard side of the skylight, alongside of which Lerumie was standing as he gazed into a cheap trade-mirror and combed his kinky hair with a hand-carved comb of wood.
The cheerful sailor crept forward and jibed over the foresail as Charley put the helm to starboard and we swerved to the right into the San Joaquin.
The river straightened out here into its general easterly course, and we squared away before the wind, wing-and-wing once more, the foresail bellying out to starboard.
Running off before the wind with everything to starboard, he came about, and returned close-hauled on the port tack.
"Jibe over to starboard and come up on the wind!" he commanded.
Again they lifted on a wave, and again and again, ere they could make out the distant green of the Samoset's starboard light.
With a rattling song the starboard watch bent to their work and hove the cable short, then got the anchor home, and our bark moved off with a stately stride, and soon was bowling along at about two knots an hour.
We selected a stateroom forward of the wheel, on the starboard side, "below decks." It bad two berths in it, a dismal dead-light, a sink with a washbowl in it, and a long, sumptuously cushioned locker, which was to do service as a sofa--partly-- and partly as a hiding place for our things.
on the starboard hand of every woe, there is a sure delight; and higher the top of that delight, than the bottom of the woe is deep.
It was revealed Tuesday afternoon that Starboard Value owns a 7.5% stake in Box.
Encina said a 10-wheeler truck was maneuvering to disembark when it suffered a transmission problem that led the vessel to tilt on its starboard side.