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STAREScandinavian Twin Auroral Radar Experiment (radar stations; Norway and Finland)
STARESouthern Tropical Atlantic Regional Experiment
STARESurvey for Transient Astronomical Radio Emission
STARESurveillance Technology Advancement & Replacement for Ebsicons
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His level stare deflected gradually downwards, left my face, and rested at last on the ground at his feet.
I stared at him, and I must say that he returned my stare without winking for quite a considerable time.
It came with this precious prophet, or whatever he calls himself, who taught her to stare at the hot sun with the naked eye.
The fifth and final factor in Casey's stare decisis mix is perhaps best labeled "judicial integrity.
The second place winner, a Taiwanese student named Kuo Han-cheng, said that when he takes a break he often stares blankly into space.
This Comment joins other work in arguing that the legitimacy of stare decisis depends upon widespread publication.
The 22-year-old quick, who has resumed training with the Test squad, is set to stare down fans outside Gate 3 on Wednesday, News.
Hosted on a Twin Otter aircraft, the Vigilant Stare system is derived from a U.
The written document, however, does not mandate the decisions of the courts of the Argentine judicial system stare decisis.
I hate it when people stare, but isn't it like running away?