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STARFISHSociety Taking Active Responsibility for International Self Help
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The Starfish Creative division will offer a wide range of immersive, hands-on courses presented live at their state-of-the-art training facilities, via distance learning, or on-site leveraging their custom mobile training labs.
Giant tritons only eat about one crown-of-thorns starfish per week, so breeding enough of them to control big populations is not really feasible," said Dr.
Currently, 27 marine tourism operators and two community groups have a permit to carry out crown-of-thorns starfish control.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Microdesk, a leading provider of AEC business and technology consulting services, today announced the launch of Starfish Creative, a division dedicated to offering training and services on leading Media and Entertainment design software and applications for media, television, and entertainment professionals.
Starfish CEO, Jora Singh commented, “Albert has a formidable track record in the field of business & strategic development, which allied to his qualifications in accountancy, corporate governance & financial planning, delivers a formidable resource to the senior management team at Starfish.
Outbreaks of the large, poisonous and spiny starfish, which feast on coral polyps, was linked to 42 percent of the destruction.
The new Starfish building in Leeds Road Pictured (above) the team at Starfish and (below) owner Zac Poutziouri with the Starfish Doner Special
The species they are interested in is the spiny starfish (Marthasterias glacialis), and in particular the slimy goo that covers its body.
They say all the starfish would have died within hours of being removed from their tank.
The current increase in the starfish population isn't necessarily due to some man-made event," he says.
Starfish expanded its product line due to an increasing consumer demand for gluten-free products.
Featured in the live auction is a "Monkey Train" skateboard by renowned artist Jeff Koons, as well as works by acclaimed South African artists Beezy Bailey, Greg Anderson, Deborah Bell, and Richard Scott, who have donated their artwork to support Starfish USA.