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StaSchool of Technology for the Arts (Singapore)
StaSurface to Air
StaSpokane Transit Authority
StaSiebenten Tags Adventisten (German: Seventh-Day Adventists)
StaShort Term Assignment (various organizations)
StaSchneider Trading Associates (UK)
StaSpecial Temporary Authority
StaSlovenska Tiskovna Agencija (National News Agency of Slovenia)
StaStudents Take Action
StaSaint Thomas Aquinas
StaSamoa Tourism Authority
StaSitka Tribe of Alaska
StaSky Team Alliance (international air service)
StaSecond Time Around
StaSwedish Transport Administration (Sweden)
StaSoft Tissue Augmentation (cosmetic procedure)
StaSt. Anger (Metallica album)
StaScottish Tartans Authority (UK)
StaSwedish Tax Agency
StaStauton (Amtrak station code; Stauton, VA)
StaSpeedy Trial Act
StaSelect Type of Address
StaSymantec Technology Architect
StaStack File
StaSaved State
StaStore Accumulator
StaSingle Threaded Apartment
StaSemiconductor Technology Australia
StaStandard Time of Arrival (aviation)
StaStatistics Department (International Monetary Fund)
StaStudent Travel Association
StaStatic Timing Analysis
StaStronger Than All (computer gaming league)
StaSenior Technical Advisor
StaScience and Technology Agency (Japan)
StaScience and Technology Agency
StaStormwater Treatment Area (Everglades)
StaSpanning Tree Algorithm
StaSession-Termination Answer (computer networking)
StaStrategic Technology Alliance
StaSwimming Teachers Association (UK)
StaSalmon and Trout Association
StaState Transit Assistance
StaSurveillance and Target Acquisition
StaSuggestions to Authors (USGS)
StaStrategic Trade Authorization (trade)
StaSt. Teresa of Avila (Catholic church, Washington, DC)
StaState Transport Authority
StaSCSI Trade Association
StaShuttle Training Aircraft
StaSingle-Thread Apartment (computer programming)
StaSecure Ticket Authority
StaStation Line (engineering drawings)
StaSenior Trade Advisor
StaSingle Tender Action
StaSpecialist Training Authority (UK)
StaSimultaneous Thermal Analysis
StaSteal This Album (album by System of a Down)
StaSpecialist Teacher Assistant (UK)
StaSecurity Threat Assessment
StaSail Training Association (UK)
StaServei de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra
StaSecurities Transfer Association (est. 1911)
StaSociety for Technology in Anesthesia
StaState Tax Administration (Ukraine)
StaSecurity Test Automation
StaScheduled Time of Arrival
StaStore Accumulator (6502 processor instruction)
StaStructural Test Article
StaSapporo Tourist Association (Sapporo, Japan)
StaSchool Trustees Association (New Zealand)
StaSingle Technology Appraisal (National Health Service; UK)
StaSafety Task Analysis (construction safety)
StaSaint Thomas the Apostle (school)
StaStability Data (Surface Ships)
StaSt. Teresa's Academy (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
StaSupplier Technical Assistance
StaSmart Television Alliance (children's programming coalition)
StaSource Testing Association (UK)
StaStock Trader's Almanac
StaSingle Tank Adapter (SCUBA equipment)
StaSemantic Traffic Analyzer (Navy Aircraft Resources Utilization Study)
StaSciences et Technologies des Aliments (French: Science and Technology of Foods)
StaState Transit Authority of New South Wales (Australia)
StaStatistical Token Analysis
StaShuttle Tile Ablator (NASA)
StaStatic Test Article
StaSystem Threat Assessment
StaShift Technical Advisor
StaScholar Tutoring Agency (UK)
StaSynchronous Transfer Architecture
StaSingapore Tennis Association
StaSystem Technology Associates, Inc
StaSociété de Transmissions Automatiques (French: Society of Automatic Transmissions)
StaStar Tracker Assembly
StaSafety Task Assignment
StaSociety for Treatment of Autism
StaSunday Trading Act (UK)
StaSupplier Technical Assistant
StaScience and Technology Associates, Inc (Arlington, Virginia)
StaSoccer Trainers of America, LLC
StaSpouse Tax Adjustment
StaSiberian Tiger Alliance (gaming, Cybernations Alliance)
StaScience and Technology Area
StaSerum Thrombotic Accelerator
StaSociété de Transport par Autocars (French: Bus Transportation Company
StaSpecial Travel Agency
StaStatutory Term Analysis
StaSecondary Training Audience (NATOs Bi-CS EPG)
StaSociété des Technologies d'Analyses (French: Technologies Analysis Company)
StaSpecial Tariff Authority
StaSparing To Availability
StaS-band Test Antenna
StaSoudage Technique d'Auvergne (French: Welding Technique of Auvergne; Auvergne, France)
StaSurface- and Timed-Averaged
StaSteel Carrier Tariff Association, Inc.
StaSubmarine Trial Area
StaSecondary Training Activities
StaSubterminal Address
StaStudent Training Advisor
StaSubspace Tranceiver Assembly (Star Trek)
StaStaff Training Assistant
StaSurvivability & Target Acquisition
StaStrategic Transportation Analysis
StaSenior Technical Agent
StaStatus Test Article
StaSynthetic Training Aid(s)
StaSegmental Time-Alignment (audio synchronization)
StaSociété Toulousaine d'Agencement (French interior decorating company)
StaSupplier to Advise
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Combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration is one of the most common applications of stationary fuel cell systems, which accounted for the largest revenue share of over 45% in 2018, according to the Fact.MR study.
However, fuel cells are 60% more efficient that other combustion-based engines at generating electricity, which persists to be the leading factors to boost adoption of stationary fuel cell systems across various end-users.
Japan stationary battery storage market size was valued over USD 1 billion in 2018.
"It pushed the stationary car into the driver of the stationary vehicle, who was out of her car at the time."
The story is about an artist who buys a stationary bike in the hopes of riding it regularly, until the object begins to assume otherworldly powers.
Idling is the term given to leaving your car's engine running while your vehicle is stationary and you are not planning on moving off.
The bus, moving from Lahore to Rajanpur in dense fog, hit a stationary trailer near Rasheeda Interchange on M4 motorway while moving towards Multan.
At the request of JSC UFA Engine Industrial Association (UMPO in Russian), a group of scientists from NUST MISIS and USATU set to work on these tasks and developed a new generation of stationary blades for gas turbine aircraft engines.
"The Write Image is a stationary boutique, and it actually started with the concept of selling custom fine stationary online," Footer says.
It was revealed in report that office stationary of CADD have been sold in different markets of the city worth thousands of rupees and that was equally distributed among the fraudulent elements.
Able Services provides stationary engineering, janitorial, and building operations to all classes of commercial real estate and facilities across the US.
[H.sub.1] hypothesis shows that the series is stationary and shown as : [y.sub.t] ~ I(0).