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STATStatim (Latin: Immediately [medical])
STATStatistical (mathematics)
STATStatutes at Large (IRB)
STATStatutes (legal)
STATSignal Transducer and Activator of Transcription
STATSociety of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
STATStatistics Austria (government bureau)
STATScience Teachers Association of Texas
STATStop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco
STATShort Turn-Around Time
STATSecurity Threat Avoidance Technology (Harris Corporation)
STATStanding Tall and Talented (nickname for basketball player Amare Stoudemire)
STATSecurity Test and Analysis Tool
STATState Transition Analysis Technique
STATShort Term Assessment and Treatment
STATScience and Technology Assistance Team
STATSlotted Tube Atom Trap
STATStratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport
STATSooner Than Already There :-)
STATSituation Triage and Assessment Team
STATSpace Telescope Astrometry Team
STATStafford Aquatic Team (swim team)
STATStudent Trial Advocacy Team
STATStudents Teaching Anti-Tobacco
STATSmall Transport Aircraft Technology
STATSuperfund Technical Assessment Team
STATSome Time After Tomorrow (humor)
STATSubstance Testing Applications and Technology
STATSouthern Tier Alternative Therapies, Inc. (Binghamton, NY)
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Sabir bin Said Al Harbi, Director General of GCC-Stat, stressed on the vital role of economic statistics as a base for GCC-Stat's reports and bulletins.
In fact, the effort to collect statistics may further erode the public's trust in law enforcement and the morale among its members, as well as spend government dollars that could be better used on law enforcement training and education, community crime prevention, and drug treatment.
Another test procedure utilizing the squared-radii statistic has been formulated by Hawkins (1981) for simultaneously testing the assumption of multivariate normality of two or more sets of multivariate observations.
Facts for Features: *Special Edition* World Statistics Day: Oct.
The new prototype statistics are available on BEA's regional accounts Web site.
Lot 7: support for statistics collected with the Eurostat/ITF/UNECE common questionnaire.
Wider and deeper improvements are still needed to the presentation and explanation of government statistics if public trust in them, and therefore in public policy, is to be earned and kept," the report found.
Wasserstein, a former statistics professor at Washburn University, Topeka, Kan.
The Namibia Statistics Agency will be the central repository for all statistics produced in Namibia.
According to the report, the accessibility of information and statistics is the basis of government transparency and allows people to practice freedom of expression and participate in the decision making process.