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STATStatim (Latin: Immediately [medical])
STATStatistical (mathematics)
STATStatutes at Large (IRB)
STATStatutes (legal)
STATSignal Transducer and Activator of Transcription
STATSociety of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
STATStatistics Austria (government bureau)
STATScience Teachers Association of Texas
STATStop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco
STATShort Turn-Around Time
STATSecurity Threat Avoidance Technology (Harris Corporation)
STATStanding Tall and Talented (nickname for basketball player Amare Stoudemire)
STATSecurity Test and Analysis Tool
STATState Transition Analysis Technique
STATShort Term Assessment and Treatment
STATScience and Technology Assistance Team
STATSlotted Tube Atom Trap
STATStratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport
STATSooner Than Already There :-)
STATSituation Triage and Assessment Team
STATSpace Telescope Astrometry Team
STATStafford Aquatic Team (swim team)
STATStudent Trial Advocacy Team
STATStudents Teaching Anti-Tobacco
STATSmall Transport Aircraft Technology
STATSuperfund Technical Assessment Team
STATSome Time After Tomorrow (humor)
STATSubstance Testing Applications and Technology
STATSouthern Tier Alternative Therapies, Inc. (Binghamton, NY)
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The strategic advisory body of the European Statistical System Committee is the Partnership Group, whose mission is to foster the development of the ESS at the highest level, notably by ensuring the effective functioning of the ESSC.
3) Defining the competent authority responsible for issuing official statistical figures of the country.
Daoues pointed to reforms carried out in Tunisia in matters of statistical information, to bring the national statistical system up to international standards in force, highlighting the Tunisian-European partnership in this area.
Today's manager cannot carry out great deal of modern management tools (Rigby, 2005) without knowledge of statistical methods and statistical thinking.
Statistical Year Book - Emirate of Dubai 2005 consists of 584 pages, with 18 chapters, 276 statistical tables and 90 graphics in addition to a general index for Dubai.
Finally, an example of a skill objective was to prepare and present statistical data in clear and concise ways to promote understanding and reasonable, supportable interpretations.
Since 1914 the Board has published statistical information on the U.
There are numerous articles and statistical textbooks that provide a very good and easy to understand explanation of indicators of effect.
Previously, the IRS denied taxpayers the use of a statistical sampling method to remedy this problem.
To facilitate accounting for fully deductible M&E, the IRS issued revenue procedure 2004-29, which establishes guidelines for using statistical sampling methods to account for these expenses, whether in art original return, under IRS examination, in litigation or when making a refund claim.
The team, led by Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba of the NIEHS Laboratory of Computational Biology and Risk Assessment, created a statistical software program that verifies concurrently that the expression of one gene is linked to the expression of several others.
1) The M&E revenue procedure adds two new sampling provisions, which make it easier for business filers to use statistical sampling to estimate their M&E deductions and, by extension, other deductions and credits.
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