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STATSStudents Teaching AIDS to Students (American Medical Students Association)
STATSSports Team Analysis and Tracking Systems
STATSShort Term Alternatives for Therapy Services (US DHHS)
STATSStudents' Attitude Towards Statistics
STATSStatistical Analysis of Time Series
STATSStatistical Assessment Service (non-profit research organization; Washington, DC, USA)
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The statistics may be found to possess interest in several particulars.
This plan, so vast apparently yet so simple in point of fact, which did away with so many large staffs and so many little offices all equally useless, required for its presentation to the public mind close calculations, precise statistics, and self-evident proof.
Our hearts can talk our heads down almost any time, and, best all, our hearts are always right despite the statistic that they are mostly wrong.
An absolute statistic of the per centage of suicides due to John Barleycorn would be appalling.
Official statistics are produced by or on behalf of a public authority.
Despite these widely divergent views, many students approach the study of statistics with much fear, trepidation and anxiety.
Over-exuberance, in time, bowed before a sober refocusing of statistics as a method of analysis in the service of humanity.
Among other things, the Statistics Bill will create a National Statistics System and a National Statistics Agency.
The theme of the workshop, organized by the Libyan National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, in collaboration with the UNESCO Statistics Institute, related to the scientific framework of teaching statistics and types of international classification in teaching to build the capacity of the staff of education statistics.
The maiden meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on Statistics was held here at Ministry of Statistics.
This law will meet international standards in producing statistics and will update the 1999 law, he told TAP on the sidelines of the 12th African Symposium on Statistical Development (ASSD 2016), which runs from November 2 to 4 in Gammarth, on the theme "strengthening basic economic statistics for compilation of national accounts in Africa.
The 2015 NSM, led by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), coincides with the global celebration of the 2nd World Statistics Day on October 20 with the theme, "Better data.
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