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STMIST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (heart attack)
STMIStatute Mile
STMISynchronous Transport Module I (also seen as STM-I)
STMISociété des Techniques En Milieu Ionisant (French: Ionized Medium Techniques Company)
STMISekolah Tinggi Manajemen Industri (Indonesian: Industrial Management College; Indonesia)
STMISpectro-Temporal Modulation Index
STMISingle Table with Multiple Index Access
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Zone 5: This zone was exactly one statute mile past the point where the motorist made contact with the stimulus of the law enforcement vehicle.
Note that distances are statute miles and the profile view is reversed from the satellite view.
Although the Law of the Sea recognizes a country's territorial waters as extending 12 nautical miles (14 statute miles or 22 kilometers) out from the coast, it also recognizes that even military vessels have the right of "innocent passage" through territorial waters and can come even closer to the coastline than three miles.
One thing that bugged me was the watch measuring nautical units (instead of statute miles) for non-flying activity summaries.
The log book carried details such as the date of journey, port of embarkation, destination and the distance covered in statute miles. And members who notched up 25,000 miles were presented a certificate by the airline.
Occupied seat miles or hours are calculated by the number of statute miles (32) or flight hours (33) for a particular flight multiplied by the number of passengers on each flight.
The Learjet 35A has a max speed of 530 mph, a max range of 2,500 statute miles and a max altitude of 45,000 feet.
It opens with thirty-four "new" poems, which were written "not in the last year or two but in the last fifteen," and continues with comprehensive selections from Mehrotra's four books of verse: Nine Enclosures (1976), Distance in Statute Miles (1982), Middle Earth (1984), and The Transfiguring Places (1998).
With a maximum gross payload capacity of 127,100 pounds, the medium wide-body 767 Freighter has a flight range of 2,922 nautical miles (3,362 statute miles).
These last two crossings complete Will's goal of paddling 300 documented statute miles in the California Channel Islands.
While Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt visited Earth's Moon for three days in December 1972, they drove their mission's Lunar Roving Vehicle 19.3 nautical miles (22.21 statute miles or 35.74 kilometers).
Those of us who calculate our fuel consumption tend to do so in statute miles per imperial gallon.