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d4TStavudine (aka Zerit; HIV treatment drug)
d4TDidehydrodeoxythymidine (antiviral drug)
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Patients receiving antiretroviral therapy are usually recieving 3 drugs, and this study's main finding is that the percentage of depressive features was higher among participants using the regimen of stavudine, lamivudine and efavirenz (58%) followed by those who were taking stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine (24.
All patients who developed anaemia were shifted to stavudine based therapy.
Stavudine, also known as d4T, causes a nerve disorder leading to numbness and burning pain in the hands and feet, and loss of body fat known as lipoatrophy or wasting, conditions that are disabling and disfiguring, the WHO said.
Incidence of neuropathy in HIV-infected patients on monotherapy versus those on combination therapy with didanosine, stavudine and hydroxyurea.
After 19 days, nerve cells grown with Ubisol-Aqua(TM): Coenzyme Q10 plus stavudine grew and survived like normal cells, whereas cells exposed to stavudine alone were not growing well.
She had been treated with stavudine, didanosine, and tenofovir for the previous 4 months.
After the normalization of mitochondrial tests (defined by lactate/pyruvate ratio <30 and [beta]OH/AA ratio <2), an effective combination therapy (one antiprotease and two NRTIs, or three NRTIs excluding either stavudine or didanosine) was reintroduced several weeks to months later, and no lactic acidosis occurred (median follow-up, 6 months).
It has come to light that patients in some of the nation's correctional facilities are being treated with contraindicated anti-retroviral regimens that include the concurrent use of stavudine with zidovudine; and Invirase with two nucleoside-analogue-reverse-transcriptase-inhibitors (NRTI).
In vivo antagonism with zidovudine plus stavudine combination therapy.
Three cases of fatal lactic acidosis, as well as several other nonfatal cases, in pregnant women have prompted a new drug warning about the use of the anti-HIV drugs stavudine (Zerit or d4T) and didanosine (Videx or ddl) in combination.
Thailand's state-run pharmaceutical agency on Monday started manufacturing the antiretroviral cocktail Stavudine, better known as d4T, for sale at a price 85% lower than that of U.
Cipla claims to have been the first local manufacturer to introduce a number of products to the Indian market, including the antiretrovirals zidovudine, stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine.