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STAYProject Services to Assist Youth (New York)
STAYScience Transition AstraZeneca York (University of York; UK)
STAYSt Alban's Youth (Washington, DC)
STAYSouth Texas Alliance for Youth (peer prevention program)
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Go or stay," reiterated Wardour, "it's all one to me.
The Princess, however, entreated him to stay, saying that the next night would not be so bad, and in the end he gave in and stayed.
It is considered best to keep his expectations "on a string" until your stay in concluded.
It is very cold here," he said; "but I will stay with you for one night, and be your messenger.
It was so much more natural to have him stay when he was not absolutely required to leave her.
The communication excited many professions of concern; and enough was said of wishing them to stay at least till the following day to work on Jane; and till the morrow their going was deferred.
If I were going to stay here and act as landlord," he added presently, with still more eagerness--"if I were careless about what I've done--what I've been the cause of, you would have some excuse, Adam, for going away and encouraging others to go.
I don't think it's right for you to stay there, feeling that way.
You'll stay on with me, and we shall both be all right, and I WILL tell you--I WILL.
And he never had the heart to refuse them when they asked if they could stay with him.
She used to stay in the country as a child, and the impression she had retained of it was that the country was a refuge from all the unpleasantness of the town, that life there, though not luxurious--Dolly could easily make up her mind to that--was cheap and comfortable; that there was plenty of everything, everything was cheap, everything could be got, and children were happy.
But a man can fight all day if he is full fed with meat and wine; his heart beats high, and his strength will stay till he has routed all his foes; therefore, send the people away and bid them prepare their meal; King Agamemnon will bring out the gifts in presence of the assembly, that all may see them and you may be satisfied.