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Anu Varghese, an engineer living in Sharjah, said while she wasn't completely onboard with the idea of stay-at-home fathers, it would be the best solution for families where the mother worked in a sector that demanded long hours.
In explaining why they had experienced minimal stress in balancing work and family, 18 men (15 full-time workers, two parttime workers, and one stay-at-home father who was about to return to work) emphasized the support and flexibility that they had received from their bosses and workplaces.
I overcome these limitations by taking a mixed-methods approach to expose the underlying meaning of calling oneself a "stay-at-home father," and further, critically assess the accuracy of the US Census Bureau's numerical count of men who father full-time.
When speaking about her marriage to Luke, a 37-year-old stay-at-home father, she said, "We have done the role reversal.
Cornelius, a stay-at-home father of two young children, said he has been wrongly terminated.
Halldorsson, 42 and also a television journalist, will put his career on hold to be a full-time stay-at-home father.
Urban, a former teacher and now stay-at-home father of two, and Andrea B.
Army veteran of 23 years, was a stay-at-home father in raising his son, Michael.
Adler is a retired lawyer, town meeting member and a stay-at-home father. He said he wants to bring spending and finance issues to the attention of a largely apathetic base of voters in town.
Fourteen heterosexual couples (with a stay-at-home father and with some diversity along the lines of income, social class, and ethnicity) were interviewed in order to include some mothers' (and couples') views in the study.
LVB: You mentioned that your husband is a stay-at-home father. What has that experience been like for your family?