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STELASatellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010
STELAStrategies and Tools to Enhance Learning for All (Michigan)
STELASystem for Tracking Export License Application
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In a heartbreaking statement from Miss Domador-Kuzma's mother Olga, which was read to the court, she said: "Stela left Venezuela in the hope of finding a new home.
For one, the Israel Stela is not just a hymn or a "Triumph-Hymn." I would argue that it is a combination of a newer approach to narration, one that now used a developed "Late Egyptian" narrative presentation in which a decided switch from earlier models has taken place.
The Tempest Stela dates back to the reign of the pharaoh Ahmose, the first pharaoh of the 18th dynasty.
Carved stone monuments, such as Stela 44, have been unearthed in dozens of other important Maya ruins and each has made a critical contribution to the understanding of Maya culture.
Adil Bentafrit (Morocco), Ahmad Hamoud (UAE), Brett Dickerson (USA), Khalid Hamdaoui (Holland), Khalid Al Maflahi (UAE), Llion Thomas (UK), Marc Evans (UK), Paul Walker (UK), Reda Al Hammouni (Morocco), Seth Amoafo (Ghana), Stela Samuela (Romania).
"From Colliers' perspective it was interesting to see such a high interest amongst architects and engineers who are eager to learn the latest techniques regarding the green building movement worldwide as well as learning more specifically about what it takes to certify a building according to LEED," said Stela Dhami, Managing Director of Colliers Albania.
This stone, called a stela, was then put in a place where townspeople could see and discuss it.
Although the stela was discovered in 2004, the team had to wait a year before they could excavate it.
Mexico, Campeche or Quintana Roo, from an unknown site in the vicinity of Calakmul, Maya Culture, Stela. Late Classic Period, 702 AD.
As I took notes sitting on a stela, a dozen came by to see what I was doing.
Muriel Subirade, Stela Dairy Research Centre, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Institute, Laval University, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Paul- Comtois Building, Room 1415, Quebec, QC, G1K 7P4 Canada; phone: 418-656-2131; fax: 418-656-3353; email: