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STELARStudy of Electronic Literature for Astronomical Research (NASA)
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Bowling Green, Ky., is among the 12 tiny DMAs where, thanks to STELAR, subscribers to AT&T-owned DirecTV don't get network affiliates from the closest market, in the absence of over-the-air signals.
Stelar morphology: experimental observations on the relation between leaf development and stelar morphology in species of Dryopteris and Onoclea.
Odyssey Epiphony ($600) Epos M22 ($2,000) Odyssey Lorelei ($2,700) Bohlender Graebener 520i & 220i ($5,500) WEGG3 Stelar 1 ($5,600) Living Voice Avatar II ($5,700) Rethm Second Rethm ($6,500) Gershinan Avant Garde home theater ($7,800) Tetra 505 LTD ($8,000) Merlin VSM-MX ($10,000) Joseph Audio RM55LE ($12,500) DeVore Fidelity silverback reference ($14,000) Piega C 3 LTD & P SUB 1 ($14,600) Gershman Opera Sauvage ($23,000)
To study the magnetic properties of synthesized nanoprobe, the nuclear magnetic resonance dispersion (NMRD) profiles (the longitudinal relaxivity, [r.sub.1], as a function of the magnetic field) were recorded with a field cycling relaxometer (Spinmaster FFC2000, STELAR, Italy).
Eames (1936), for example, suggests that the resemblances between the leaves and sporangium position of Asteroxylon, Drepanophycus and Baragwanathia, on the one hand, and of Lycopodium, on the other, together with stelar structure, support the enation hypothesis.
The announcement from ATVA came with a quick reiteration of its position on not only retrans fees, which it wants reined in, but also the "sunsetting" of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELAR).
SINGLE PAROV STELAR Josephine, Taken from the album The Art Of Sampling and featuring rising Californian soul singer Anduze, Josephine retains a deft elasticity of groove so typical of the Austrian DJ/ producer's unique sound.
There have been some discussions about heterochrony in relation to the evolution of plant life cycles, telome theory, stelar evolution, and other aspects related to the evolution of land plants (Mosbrugger, 1995; Takhtajan, 1991; Zimmermann, 1959); these will not be discussed here.
That's not to say Walden's influence and sway on big-ticket issues like the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELAR), which is under strict scrutiny this week on Capitol Hill.
Central Military Club [7 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd, tel: 02/ 980 6715] Parov Stelar - December 2, 9pm.