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STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Maths
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Medicine
STEMSix Through Eight Mathematics (education)
STEMStandard Evaluation Material (American Society of Cinematographers, DCI digital imaging test movie)
STEMScanning Tunneling Electron Microscope
STEMScanning Tunneling Electron Microscopy
STEMSoft Tissue Extensor Mechanism (orthopedics)
STEMSecure Telephony Enabled Middlebox
STEMScanning Transmission Electron Microscope/Microscopy
STEMShaped Tube Electrolytic Machining
STEMStudiecentrum Technologie Energie Milieu (Dutch: Technology, Energy and Environment Study)
STEMShort-Term Evangelical Mission
STEMScience and Technology Enterprise Management (Army Science and Technology)
STEMSystems Telecommunications Engineering Manager
STEMSpace, Time, Energy, Mass
STEMStrategic Traffic Enforcement Measures (Canada)
STEMSystem Trainer and Exercise Module
STEMSpecial Telemetry-Equipped Missile
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But, before he could think what he ought to do to save her, another leaf bent down and captured the Glass Cat, rolling around the little creature until she was completely hidden, and then straightening up again upon its stem.
They were suspended by a small stem which seemed to grow from the exact tops of their heads to where it connected them with the body of the adult.
After making her fast, they swarmed the sides and searched the vessel from stem to stern.
At one time I was climbing up the quarterdeck when the vessel's stem was in the sky; I was smoking a cigar and feeling passably comfortable.
The stems were bare for a distance of some fifteen feet--at least on those trees which Perry attempted to ascend, for the suggestion of safety carried by the larger of the forest giants had evidently attracted him to them.
No drooping stem or withered leaf tells of any evil thought within their fragrant bosoms, and thus from the fairest of their race have they gathered this sweet dew, as a token of their gratitude to one whose tenderness and care have kept them pure and happy; and this, the loveliest of their sisters, have I brought to place among the Fairy flowers that never pass away."
When all had been made to appear as it was before, one of the warriors made several cuts and scratches upon the stem of a tree which grew above the spot where the chest was buried; then they hastened on in silence past Bulan and down the river.
The tulip was beautiful, splendid, magnificent; its stem was more than eighteen inches high; it rose from out of four green leaves, which were as smooth and straight as iron lance-heads; the whole of the flower was as black and shining as jet.
And sad the hour when all ripe things must pass, For sweetness and decay are of one stem, And sweetness ever riots to decay.
It consists of a thin, straight, fleshy stem, with alternate rows of polypi on each side, and surrounding an elastic stony axis, varying in length from eight inches to two feet.
They weep: - from off their delicate stems Perennial tears descend in gems.
Looking back presently, I could see, through the crowded stems, that from my heap of sticks the blaze had spread to some bushes adjacent, and a curved line of fire was creeping up the grass of the hill.