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Nothing," answered the stenographer, moving away with a little smile.
For the first time it struck him that there was something about his stenographer.
Rather stylish and high-toned for a stenographer, I'd say.
He knew a self-respecting, square-dealing man was not supposed to take his stenographer to luncheon.
But that, on the part of a stenographer, in the presence of the Wisest Man in Wall Street, was not unnatural.
He turned, and across the court-room the eyes of the financier and the stenographer met.
Dave countered, looking suspiciously at the stenographer.
MUZAFFARABAD -- The Chief Justice of AJK High Court Justice M Tabbasum Aftab Alvi Monday approved transfers and postings of stenographers in different lower judiciaries of Azad Kashmir.
Meanwhile one post of Junior Scale Stenographer in Directorate of Archeology and Libraries were finalized.
SC Justice Diosdado Peralta, meanwhile, pointed out that they were having a hard time hiring stenographers, for instance, because most of them prefer to go to either the Congress or private law firms.
Patna (Bihar) [India], August 12 ( ANI ): After a stenographer in Bhagalpur DM's confidential section, among seven persons were arrested yesterday for their alleged involvement in the misappropriation of a sum of over Rs.
Mitch is also dealing with a disaster on his end because of the stenographer.