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STLSpeed The Light (youth ministries)
STLSchool of Teaching and Learning
STLStudio-Transmitter Link
STLShort-Term Loan
STLSoftware Technologies Laboratory
STLSavoirs, Textes, Langage (French: Knowledge, Language, Texts)
STLSenior Team Leader
STLSingapore Telecommunications Ltd.
STLLicentiate of Sacred Theology
STLScience and Technology Laboratory
STLStandard Tessellation Language (stereolithography)
STLSpecial Technologies Laboratory
STLSevern Trent Laboratories Ltd (UK)
STLSoftware Tool Library
STLSchottky Transistor Logic
STLScience and Technology Library
STLStandard Telegraph Level
STLScience et Technologie du Logiciel (French: Science and Technology Software; training program; various organizations)
STLSlime Time Live (Nickelodeon)
STLSimulation and Test Language
STLSociete des Transports de Laval (French: Laval Transit Corporation; Canada)
STLScientific Testing Laboratories, Inc
STLSolaris Threading Library (Sun Microsystems API)
STLSea Train Lines, Inc.
STLSystem Threat Library
STLSterlite Telelink Ltd (India)
STLSales, Trading & Logistics
STLSlouching Toward Liverpool
STLStarving-Time Limitation
STLSt Louis, MO, USA - Lambert-St Louis International (Airport Code)
STLStatic Test Load
STLStructured Template Language (C++)
STLStandard Transmission Line Model
STLSecond-Trimester Loss (obstetrics)
STLStandard Training List
STLSt. Leonard's College (Brighton East, Australia)
STLSmall Town Lottery (Philippines)
STLSoftware Technologies Ltd. (Israel)
STLSoftware Technology Laboratory
STLSystem Test Laboratory
STLShort-Term Liquidity
STLStredni Tlak (Czech: Medium Pressure)
STLSoil Testing Laboratory (various organizations)
STLStore Team Leader (Target stores employee title)
STLSlower Than Light (science fiction)
STLSpace Technology Laboratory
STLStandard Template Library
STLStockage List
STLStandards for Technological Literacy (International Technology Education Association)
STLState Trust Land (various locations)
STLString Too Long (computer programming)
STLSojourner Truth Library (New York)
STLStickler Syndrome
STLSubmerged Turret Loading
STLSpecial Tribunal for Lebanon
STLStrike Team Leader
STLSingle-Tree Language (computer theory)
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Stereolithography supports are created with the same material as the final part while PolyJet supports are built with a separate watersoluble support material removed by a water-jet.
It was at UVP that he developed and patented the stereolithography process.
We made a variety of industrial design blanks, produced through stereolithography, for our customer to evaluate.
There, he developed much of the theoretical basis of Stereolithography and also directed the R&D team that significantly improved User Part and prototype accuracy.
While offering mechanical properties similar to those of engineering plastics such as polypropylene, ABS, polycarbonate, and nylon, DMX-SL 100 retains the superior accuracy and surface aesthetics plus excellent optical and tactile properties typical of stereolithography.
Using a recently acquired, in-house 3D Systems Viper si2 stereolithography system (SLA), the company can produce rapid prototype parts, allowing customers to hold physical, plastic, scaled (and in some cases functional) models of their design in a very short time frame.
The resulting prototype, says Rudgley, "is a cross between a ThermoJet model and a stereolithography prototype.
We were already using 3D Systems technology through a third-party service bureau and were aware of some of the advantages of stereolithography.
With time and money being critical resources, Mattel's designers turned to the stereolithography (SL) team for assistance.
Since the late 1980s, when stereolithography first opened the possibility of creating solid objects directly from computer models, rapid prototyping has evolved quickly in terms of process technology and new applications.
After formatting the data with his unique program, he feeds the file into a computer that controls a laser stereolithography machine.
DPT is the only service bureau in North America to reserve two large platform stereolithography systems for DSM Somos[R] DMX-SL[TM] 100