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STETSSouthern Theological Education and Training Scheme (England, UK)
STETSSingapore Tertiary English Teachers' Society
STETSSurface Transport Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
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In addition, Yurii Stets said that one of the priorities for MIP this year is to develop a system of strategic communication in the state and the government communication reform.
Segun Stryker (1980, referido por Stets & Burke, 2000), hay cinco principios que se enmarcan en el interaccionismo simbolico que fundamenta la IT.
Autores como Stets y Burke, 2000; Hogg, Terry y White, 1995; Stets y Burke, 2000b, llevan a cabo un analisis tanto de la IT como de la Teoria de la Identidad Social (SIT por sus siglas en idioma ingles), desde la definicion misma: el self.
Wherever individuals are located on this continuum, they act with the goal of verifying the meanings of who they are that is set by their moral identity standard, Stets and Carter said.
When HCV clinical samples were serially diluted, extracted, and amplified by the STETS method, two of six samples at 1000 IU/mL did not generate amplicon, and only the samples with amplicon generated sequences.
An 829-bp amplicon was used to test the quality and length of sequence obtained with the STETS method.
Overall, Project Employability generated significantly greater societal benefits compared to STETS -- 75 percent more benefits per participant.
Note that the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yurii Stets conducts regular meetings with ambassadors and representatives of international organizations with the aim to run the international broadcasting TV channel UATV around the world as quickly as possible, giving truthful and official news about Ukraine.
Yurii Stets expressed gratitude to Latvia for the support in providing the transmitting equipment to renew Ukrainian broadcasting.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk has appealed to Yurii Stets to finalize this issue, to provide a UAH 5 million write-off in order to guarantee the channels further broadcasting.
Minister of Information Policy Yurii Stets met with Robert Bole, Director of Global Strategy of US Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is an independent U.
Stet tries to stay out of the way of his alcoholic father, and to avoid the traps of drink, early marriage, and work at the town mill that have stunted the lives of his former friends.