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STIMULUSSegmentation for Transport In Markets Using Latent User Psychological Structures (research project)
STIMULUSSmart Total Implant for the Monitoring of Loosening
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Compared with simultaneous matching, matching with a delay has been shown to enhance stimulus equivalence class formation and produce a stronger relation between stimuli (Arntzen, 2006; Bortoloti & de Rose, 2009, 2012; Vaidya & Smith, 2006).
Experimentally, this means that, although the novel comparison stimulus may be selected in the presence of a novel sample stimulus in the exclusion probe, the conditional control is not maintained in later tests in matching-to-sample tasks.
To test our hypothesis that the premier expression is the very first facial reaction in response to an affective stimulus that expresses the evoked emotion, we also recorded event-related potentials (ERPs) using electroencephalography (EEG).
Similar time exploring both objects would indicate an inability to recognize the familiar stimuli whilst a preference for the novel stimulus over the familiar one would imply familiar stimulus recognition.
In an interview, the head of the apex bank said that the bank has 'enough tools' to manage the winding down of its enormous stimulus programme.
For CoG longitude, one stimulus per cranial site was sufficient to produce valid recordings.
To investigate whether simultaneous or successive stimulus presentation establishes different relations of control (selection or rejection) in simple discrimination procedures, an alternative could be recording eye movements.
1 Determine the distance at which your dog can be in the presence of the stimulus and be alert or wary but not extremely fearful or aroused.
For example, the Child Reinforcement Survey (CRS; Fantuzzo, Rohrbeck, Hightower, & Work, 1991) prompts students to express preferences (e.g., "I like candy a lot") for 36 items that correspond to four stimulus classes (e.g., edibles, activities).
In its annual report, it reminds us that the original "stimulus,'' costing about $800 billion, was only half the show.