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STIRShort Term Interest Rate
STIRShort T1 Inversion Recovery (magnetic resonance testing)
STIRSeparate Track and Illuminating Radar
STIRSupplemental Type Inspection Report
STIRSpecial Technical Inspection and Repair
STIRSeparate Track & Illumination Radar
STIRSurveillance Target Indicator Radar
STIRSecurity and Telecommunications Infrastructure Release (formerly Subrelease 2.1)
STIRScientific & Technical Intelligence Review
STIRSingles Together in Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)
STIRSite Total Indicator Reading
STIRSurveillance & Target Indication Radar (British)
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The 36 papers in these proceedings cover friction stir processing, friction stir welding high temperature materials and light materials, and modeling and controls for friction stir processing and welding.
4 : to cause to arise or take place <Don't stir up trouble.
Make any additions, stir for 15 min and retest, making sure to remark the precontrol chart.
Stir in the sugar; cook over low heat until the onions are golden, 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Mechanical Properties of Thick Section Titanium 6A1-4V Friction Stir and Electron Beam Welds (P.
3 : the act of making circular movements in <Give the sauce a stir.
In a large saucepan, melt butter and, using a wire whisk, stir in flour.
Return to the saucepan; stir in the milk until blended.
Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state welding process that is gaining wide acceptance in industry, especially the shipbuilding, aerospace, mass transportation and automotive industries.
Gently stir to coat sprouts evenly with oil and salt.
Stir in the couscous, tomatoes, basil, and Parmesan.
com/reports/c38326) has announced the addition of Trading STIR Futures - An Introduction to Short-Term Interest Rate Futures to their offering.