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STOAScientific Technology Options Assessment (EU)
STOAScience and Technology Options Assessment Panel
STOAScience and Technology Assessments Office (European Parliament)
STOASunbeam Tiger Owner's Association
STOAScientific and Technological Operations Assessment Group
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SCTEx STOA will give our group the opportunity to provide North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) and SCTEx motorists world-class seamless travel, MPTC president Ramoncito Fernandez said in a text message.
In addition, Stoa will also focus on community involvement.
Further evidence for the architectural function of capital C may be provided by a poros column drum that now stands next to it in the North Stoa (Fig.
This is just one of the schemes that STOA is pursuing in the area to ensure that customers are always properly catered for by courteous and friendly station rank drivers.
Today there are several new examples at the Stoa site (www.
Becket sets to work in Chapter 3, and shows that his orientation is indeed Stoic: even though he edits out some of the scientifically objectionable views and presuppositions of the ancient Stoa, he retains a number of features which made past Stoicism controversial in its ethical views.
Dancemaker Arja Raatikainen provided an exquisite blend of movement and light design in her Comments at Stoa, The Cultural Center of Eastern Helsinki.
The section on the ancient philosophers, however, emerges as a confrontation between Aristotle and the Stoics (which can be oversimplified as a divison between Aristotle's hard-line doctrine of "natural slavery" and various - certainly "softer," and occasionally self-contradictory - Stoic approaches) and, as usual when dealing with the Stoa, we have the problem of fragmentary sources for the early thinkers of this influential philosophical school and even for the so-called Middle Stoa: a citation from Diogenes Laertius, for example, reads "the Stoics say" (that the wise man is free, but bad men are slaves) and this is all too typical in its nonspecificity.
Zeno's school was continued by Cleanthes and Chrysippus and derived its name from the Stoa Poikile, a painted colonnade or porch at Athens in which Zeno and his successors lectured.
Oasi Space for Visual Experimentations, Gladstonos 112, Stoa Oasis, Limassol.
This ninth annual STOA lecture, on 7 December, ventilated the usual options from electric cars to biofuels replacing oil.