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STATUS-SStolen (police incident code; New Zealand)
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They began to feel a vague fear that they had been doing wrong to run away; and next they thought of the stolen meat, and then the real torture came.
False is everything in it; with stolen teeth it biteth, the biting one.
After a time the number were brought in, though it was evident they were not any of the skins that had been stolen, but others gleaned in the village.
The result of this raid was a brand-new Columbia River salmon boat, stolen from an Italian fisherman.
From the sandspit the way led out through the Golden Gate to the vastness of adventure of all the world, where battles would be fought, not for old shirts and over stolen salmon boats, but for high purposes and romantic ends.
"Stolen," she shuddered, and thought of the dead soldier with his face uplifted to the sky in an agony of supplication.
An electric gate and its box were stolen. | A thief stole a radiator left in a garden during refurbishment work.
Lahore -- Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, while hearing a petition alleging that water is being stolen from the River Ravi and Abasia Link Canal by India, ordered the Punjab Irrigation Department Secretary Syed Ali Murtaza on Sunday to submit a report on the matter by January 4.
"Why is India stealing our water?" the Justice Nisar inquired, asserting, "We will not let India steal Pakistan's water." He added that the court would "not allow water to be stolen from poor farmers from the Abasia Link Canal.
and 37-year-old J.K., were said to have opened luggage and stolen items that belonged to passengers from two separate Emirates flights and attempting to steal from other flights between January and September 2105.
In 1976, for the first time in thirty-three seasons, total stolen bases exceeded total home runs in Major League Baseball.
ey include a man wearing a white "owl" onesie, who is alleged to have stolen items from Bells Stores, in Westbury Street, ornaby, in December last year.