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SKSouth Korea
SKSlovak Republic
SKSerial Killer
SKStephen King (author)
SKSkopje (Macedonia capital)
SKSidekick (gaming)
SKSide Kick (martial arts)
SKStockport (postcode, United Kingdom)
SKSlipknot (band)
SKSoundking (est. 1988; China)
SKSmurfit Kappa (various locations)
SKShaman King (Japanese cartoon)
SKSouth Kitsap
SKSacramento Kings
SKStacy Keibler (WWE Diva)
SKSpecial K (cereal)
SKSalman Khan (Indian actor)
SKSoup Kitchen
SKStanley Kubrick (film director)
SKStorekeeper (US Navy and Coast Guard rating)
SKSleater Kinney (band)
SKSecret Key
SKScandinavian Airlines System
SKSiesta Key (Florida)
SKSurat Keputusan (Indonesian: decree)
SKSøren Kierkegaard (philosopher)
SKSpy Kids (movie)
SKSangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council of the Philippines)
SKSilent Key (deceased amateur radio operator)
SKShadow Knight (Everquest)
SKSilicon Knights
SKSuper-Kamiokande (Cerenkov detector in the Kamioka Mozumi mine in Japan)
SKStraight Key (instrument used to generate morse code)
SKSeborrheic Keratosis
SKSchroet Kommando (gaming clan)
SKStana Katic (actress)
SKSouth Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan)
SKSeto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh! character)
SKSkinfold Thickness
SKScript Kiddie
SKService Knowledge
SKSpot Kick (soccer)
SKShawn Kemp (NBA player)
SKStop Keying (TTY communication)
SKSurrogate Key (relational database design)
SKSamurai Katana
SKSealed Knot (UK re-enactment society)
SKSisak, Croatia (license plate)
SKStellar Kart (band)
SKSitekick ( game)
SKStranski-Krastanov (strain-induced island formation method)
SKSouth Kanara (India district)
SKSnap Kick
SKSaxon Knights
SKSouth Karana (Everquest)
SKStar Kingdoms (game)
SKStar Kingdoms (online game)
SKSanguniang Kabataan
SKSeok Kyu (petrol company, South Korea)
SKSkill Identifier
SKSerpent Kingdoms (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
SKStandard Kaizen (methodology)
SKSkull Kontrol (band)
SKSaeder-Krupp Corporation
SKSpreading sequence of user number k
SKSchildknapenwerking (Dutch)
SKSpawn Kill(ing) (gaming)
SKSuicide Krew
SKSaiid Kobeisy (Lebanese fashion designer)
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DHO Swat Dr Saeed Malik Khan told media that in Tehsil Headquarter Matta hospital storekeeper Mujeed Alam and class four employee Sajjad were suspended because they were selling government hospital medicines.
We don't have candles anymore because the supplier stopped delivering," a female storekeeper said.
The cylinder of this Bearcat Storekeeper has very tight chambers and some factory ammunition required some effort to seat the cases in each chamber.
LSC McIntosh enlisted in the Navy in September 1992 as an undesignated airman, completed Basic Training at Recruit Training Command San Diego, completed training at the Apprenticeship School, and attended Aviation Storekeeper "A" School at the Service School Command in 1995.
AS MUCH A SOCIAL as an economic history, Beatrice Craig's Backwoods Consumers and Homespun Capitalists is about the people--the farmers and their wives, the local millers, the storekeepers, the household weavers, and all the other labouring Madawaskans--whose workaday relationships to markets and capital made a modern economy.
Among those arrested were the three truck drivers, an Asian warehouse storekeeper and a local businessman who had agreed to purchase the entire consignment for a price less than the market value.
Because there weren't enough gyms for those who wanted to lose weight, I thought of opening a store to sell fitness equipment for home exercisers," said Rizgar Hassan, the Nike Sport storekeeper at Almas Market.
Kuala Lumpur, Aug 21 (ANI): A Malaysian storekeeper, who repeatedly propositioned two secondary school students for sex, has become the first person to be jailed for sexual grooming.
However, it is not the standard Peacemaker to which I am referring but two of its rarest variations: the three-inch barreled Sheriff's Model and the four-inch Storekeeper.
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Yokosuka recently concluded its first weeklong specialized training program and introduced postal clerks (PCs) to fundamental storekeeper (SK) knowledge in advance of the upcoming merger into the new logistics specialist (LS) rate.
RETIRED storekeeper Scorer Moy said calling the Home Heat Helpline has made a huge difference to him.