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Of these stories the minstrels used to learn only the outline, and each told the story in his own way, filling it in according to his own fancy.
Finally, however, the story was finished, and Anne read it to Diana in the seclusion of the porch gable.
"That wouldn't have been romantic, and, besides, it would have made the story too long."
Everyone looked rather blank and amazed, except the Story Girl.
The Story Girl could hide her delight only by dropping her eyes and frowning.
The little ones all love Dorothy, and as one of my small friends aptly states: "It isn't a real Oz story without her." So here she is again, as sweet and gentle and innocent as ever, I hope, and the heroine of another strange adventure.
But you will see, when you begin to read the story, that Toto was in Kansas while Dorothy was in California, and so she had to start on her adventure without him.
I may venture to assert the same of every aspect of the story, while I confess that the particular typhoon of the tale was not a typhoon of my actual experience.
At its first appearance "Typhoon," the story, was classed by some critics as a deliberately intended storm-piece.
I have a fondness for books of popular science, perhaps because they too are part of the human story.
The Bible itself was not much known to me at an age when most children have been obliged to read it several times over; the gospels were indeed familiar, and they have always been to me the supreme human story; but the rest of the New Testament I had not read when a man grown, and only passages of the Old Testament, like the story of the Creation, and the story of Joseph, and the poems of Job and Ecclesiastes, with occasional Psalms.
As for the story itself it is true enough in its essentials.