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STOSSShore Targeting Operational Support System
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There was crescent soil layer exposure at the top of the rear depression edge, and the stoss slope of the sand deposition zone was concave.
The stoss slope of the incipient dune ridge is thickly overgrown with up to 60 cm high marram grass.
The discrepancies arise in part from the short duration of the active motility of the fish spermatozoa (Ishijima a al., 1998), but are mainly due to differences in the method used to evaluate motility (Scott and Baynes, 1980; Stoss, 1983; Terner, 1986).
Nors konkursa laimejo maziau sanaudu reikalaujantis projektas (Michael Van Valkenbourgh Associates), visgi vertinimo komisija skyre ypatinga demesi Bostono komandos (Stoss Landscape Urbanism) vizijai, kurioje ismaniai suderintos miesto formos su naturaliais gamtiniais procesais (4 pav.).
These advocates, including educators, researchers, community groups, health care providers, and many others, formed the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning (CPLP) in 2000 (Korfmacher 2008; Stoss 2005).
Reference values for serum levels of calcium, phosphate and alkaline phosphatase were taken from Nelson text book of paediatric.13 Patients diagnosed as a case of rickets were given injection vitamin D stoss therapy, calcium supplementations and advise regarding nutritional and exposure to sunlight.
The court states that - in Stoss C-46/08 and Carmen Media C-316/07 - it recognised certain particularities related to the offer of games of chance on the internet that can add to risks (lack of direct contact between the consumer and the operator which increases the risk of fraud, plus unlimited and anonymous access which heightens the risk of addition for the consumer).
The system was implemented by Miami University (Ohio), says Kate Stoss, director of compensation, employment, and technology.
Inside is an intricate altarpiece carved during 15 years by the German master Viet Stoss. It's reputedly Europe's largest wooden Gothic triptych and thought to be the continent's greatest medieval wood carving.