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SLNSpecial Local Need
SLNSentinel Lymph Node
SLNSUNY (State University of New York) Learning Network
SLNScience Learning Network
SLNSri Lanka Navy
SLNStraight Line
SLNSign Language Network
SLNSolution File
SLNSlovene (linguistics)
SLNSociété Métallurgique le Nickel (French: Nickel Smelting Company)
SLNSuperior Laryngeal Nerve
SLNSubmandibular Lymph Nodes
SLNVisual Studio .net Solution (Visual Studio File Type)
SLNSYBYL Line Notation (notation for organic structures)
SLNSenior Lending Network (reverse mortgages)
SLNSaskatchewan Literacy Network (Canada)
SLNSchool Library Network
SLNSalina, KS, USA - Salina Municipal (Airport Code)
SLNStudent Loan Network (Quincy, MA)
SLNSolarian League Navy (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
SLNSimple Living Network
SLNSequence Line Number
SLNSpirit Links Newsletter
SLNSubscriber Line Number (last 4 digits of a phone number)
SLNSports et Loisirs Nautiques (French: Sports and Water Sports; Coudoulière, France)
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To quilt this design, begin by stitching the straight-line star we used for Tangle of Lights--stitch a straight line, then travel stitch back to the center, then branch off in another direction, repeating until you create a small star shape.
Straight Line abs Power abs x y y' y'-y x y y' y'-y 54 57 54.
Maximum deviation to the approximating straight line during the correction of radial distortion of real image is less than 1 pixel.
The four Galilean satellites indeed can form a straight line while simultaneously at greatest elongation, but not all on the same side of the planet.
a) there are at least a straight line and a point exterior to it in this space for which only one line passes through the point and does not intersect the initial line; [1 parallel]
Companies will need to determine the most appropriate combination of vesting schedule (cliff versus graded vesting) and attribution method (straight line for cliff vesting, or for instruments subject to graded vesting, the choice of either straight line or the FIN 28 "tranche-by-tranche" method).
Current straight-line projections of China's economic progress are almost certainly wrong because China rarely pursues a straight line.
Before any instruction on the four hand signals can have any meaning before practice or a game, the pitcher must draw a straight line on the mound with his shoe from the center of the rubber toward the center of home plate.
With simple changes to the straight line of the Alif we can draw the rest of the Arabic letters.
Clamping to the live end could add a wear point, bend the nearly straight line, and keep the wire rope from pulling the wedge in tight against the socket.
1) already yields a large deviation from the expected straight line at low L values (see Fig.