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STRaNDSurrey Training, Research, and Nanosatellite Demonstrator (UK)
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Strand LS is a privately-held, global genomics and bioinformatics company.
HEAD FOR HEIGHTS: Gill Yates, Allison Hambley and | |Amanda Moran place plants at The Strand, June 1989
Strand NGS shares the same platform as Strand and Agilent Technologies' GeneSpring.
Fruit dimension fruit weight TSS% and yield per plant improved by all levels of strand thinning as compared to control.
Vericom 14/2 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable and 14/4 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable feature 105 strand, 14 AWG construction, while the Vericom 16/2 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable and 16/4 CMR Stranded OFC Speaker Cable feature 65 stand, 16 AWG construction, with all Vericom speaker cable models being ideal for whole house and home theater installation.
In the volume's lead essay, James Krippner skillfully weaves socio-political and cultural history with aesthetic theory to reveal how Paul Strand, the New York-born only child of Bohemian Jewish immigrants, became a "romantic antimodernist" who first headed West and then South.
In a departure toward more daring and encompassing categorisations, Strand works to construct bridges of communication between the worlds of intimacy, activism, sociology, journalism and, most importantly, between art and humanity.
Separating DNA strands: The hydrogen bonding between the complementary bases is weaker than the phosphodiester bond between consecutive nucleotides within a strand.
An industrial forming line was used to quantify the effect of strand length on strand movement from the bunker through the picker rolls, dissolving rolls, and orienting heads.
Strand pelletizers with capacities to 5000 lb/hr and underwater pelletizers with cooling and dewatering devices.