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Brown, "Close linkage of copper (and uranium) transport to diagenetic reddening of "upstream" basin sediments for sediment-hosted stratiform copper (and roll-type uranium) mineralization," Journal of Geochemical Exploration, vol.
The project, previously known as the Denali copper prospect, hosts near-surface sediment-hosted stratiform copper mineralization.
The mineralisation consists of chalcopyrite, cassiterite, sphalerite, pyrite, and arsenopyrite, and is essentially stratiform, dipping to the northwest at about 30 degrees.
Histopathologic examination revealed proliferation of spindle cells with blended nucleus in stratiform pattern with no pleomorfism or mitotic activity, which confirmed the diagnosis of ovarian fibroma (Figure 2).
Jan, "Trends of convective and stratiform precipitation in the Czech Republic, 1982-2010," Advances in Meteorology, vol.
The sample soils belong to the mound hilly mudstone swell-shrinking soil area, the bed rock of which is lacustrine deposition mud and silty mud and the surface of which is soil from intense weathering and shows the structure of stratiform and color of greyish-green [19].
The average glaciation time in stratiform clouds is around 10 minutes [16].
stratiform igneous complexes such as the Bushveld, South Africa (e.g., Cameron, 1977; Mondal, and Mathez, 2007) and Stillwater, USA (e.g., Spandler et al., 2005).
He talks about the different permutations of consciousness, and how the magic, archaic levels exist under the stratiform of our modern consciousness.
(2006) used a K-band rain-radar profiler to distinguish stratiform and convective rainfall in the Rio San Francisco valley in southern Ecuador.