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STREAMLINERWorldwide Automated Signal Intelligence Communications Terminal
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The record-breaking Triumph Streamliners included: Devil's Arrow, Texas Cee-gar, Dudek Streamliner and Gyronaut X1, the former achieving a top speed of 245.
Martin's first week saw him master the controls of the 1,000 bhp streamliner very quickly -- achieving all of the goals set by Crew Chief and Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner designer Matt Markstaller and his team.
In 1990 the 3000cc Easyriders streamliner, with twin Harley engines, set the longest-standing (16 years) FIM-sanctioned record of 322.
Broadcast automation software developer VDS announced on Sunday Streamliner, a new system for controlling streaming media in sync with linear broadcasts.
And they must work for a company called Acabion, who have produced the GTBO, an indecently quick hybrid motorbike streamliner.
That mark was set by American Virgil W Snyder in the Thermo King Streamliner.
Its electronic hood not the best around as a rear streamliner has to be fitted manually.
Trico has designed its line of Streamliner grease dispensers as an alternative to manual lubrication.
Worldwide Computer Products News-6 June 2002-Entone launches smaller version of its Streamliner video server (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Other railroads quickly embraced the diesel streamliner.
The client software includes ATM signalling support, software interfaces to its StreamLiner media servers for on-demand control and an electronic program guide.
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