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STRIDESystem to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence
STRIDESpoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Elevation of Privilege (mnemonic for threats to software, used to make threat-modeling scenarios)
STRIDEStaff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (Indira Gandhi Open University)
STRIDEScience and Technology for Regional Innovation and Development in Europe
STRIDEStudents Taking Responsibility in Developing Excellence
STRIDEStudy of Treatment for Renal Insufficiency Data and Evaluation
STRIDEStriving Toward Rider Instruction & Dressage Education
STRIDESuccess Through Responsibility, Initiative, Determination and Employment
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That is shown by the increased length of his strides.
I sue for peace, and, as a condition of it, will take five strides, and be out of your kingdom at the sixth.
The command to march was now given, and the girls formed themselves into four bands, or companies, and set off with eager strides toward the Emerald City.
Both horses made their challenge away from the rail in a much reduced field following the withdrawals of Perks and Moyenne Corniche, plus a third 'R' in a row for Don't Panic, yet commentator Jim McGrath still had trouble distinguishing the winner as he called home Perfect Stride first.
The move is part of Stride Treglown Davies's strategic objective to offer clients a UK service.
The foot and toes are pointed downward, so that the stride leg can relax.
Racing four weeks in a row could certainly predispose you to such an overload by causing fatigue, which leads to sloppiness in your stride.
This static stability contrasts with the dynamic stability of running humans, who would fall over if stopped in midstride but who stay upright because all the forces balance out as they move through each stride cycle.
Close analysis is required to see that, despite putting his stick down, Shane kept his body's momentum in rhythm with Just Logic's stride pattern until well over the line, using his left arm to ensure it.
Keep your stride length short as you begin running.