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STUNSession Traversal Utilities for NAT (Network Address Translator; network protocol)
STUNSimple Traversal of Udp Through Nat
STUNSerial Tunneling
STUNSimple Traversal of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) Through NATs (Network Address Translators; network protocol)
STUNScream Toward the Uprising of Non-conformity (band)
STUNSybase Tools User Network (UK)
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A stun gun and, left, drugs were found during a raid at a house in Norris Green
But he added the defendant denied a further offence of having a disguised stun gun and that it would be for jurors to decide whether they considered it to be disguised to look like a torch.
Jurors were told by Mr Davis they must decide if the stun gun, which was bought overseas, was masked.
"The stun guns were designed to administer a non-lethal electric shock" and were capable of "causing pain and affecting muscle control without causing harm".
The weapon was described as a flashlight stun device attached to a Remington Fuzz Away fabric shaver.
"While collecting them from the bedside, officers found what looked to be a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone.
Most courts have found that the stun belts are constitutional as long as they are used on defendants posing legitimate security threats - but the Texas justices said there was no evidence of that here.
In a video taken by a Yesh Din field researcher, a couple with a baby is seen fleeing to their home while a border police officer throws a stun grenade at them, it said.
The report, written by Central Connecticut State University analysts who reviewed the data, said it was difficult to draw conclusions from the information because it was the first data to be collected and many police departments appeared to underreport their stun gun use.
Massachusetts is not alone in its ban on stun guns.
Personal Security Products carries several different stun gun/ flashlight options.
A model of a disabled girl, almost as big as his bank balance, is poised to stun passers-by in the heart of the City of London.