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StuPaStudierendenparlament (Student's Parliament)
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These considerations about the primacy of the oral tradition in India need to be coupled with what is known historically about the growth of stupa worship in India.(5) Stupas were originally erected after the death and cremation of Gautama Buddha in order to accommodate his remains.
The report dated June 24 added: 'The private person has encroached the land owned by the federal government and he obstructed free access to the stupa by the general public by installing a gate.'
A total of nine chapels on the eastern side of the stupa facing west have been exposed (figures 4-6) and archaeologists have also discovered the remains of a huge statue depicting the Buddha's Mahaparinirvana, which, at 14 metres long, is the largest known Gandhara statue (figure 7).
The path leading to the Dharmarajika Stupa, which is protected under the Antiquities Act 1975, has been blocked for around 10 years after Mozzam Ali purchased land near the site and constructed a boundary wall that blocked access to the stupa.
'The double-headed eagle Stupa is in Kanjur stone originally plastered with lime,'said Irshad Hussain, the deputy director of the archaeology department.
Further North lies Swat, once known as Udayana, which is covered in relics from the Buddhist era with ruined monasteries and stupas present throughout the lower part of the valley.
(8) The stupa of Tope Kelan is important in that, apart from being the principal stupa in Hadda, it also contained 4th- and 5th-century coins including ones of the Kidarite and Alchon Huns, which provide us with chronological context for the Buddhist practice during the period of the Huna presence in this part of Afghanistan.
Catherine Becker's book not only examines the original sculptural materials of the great stupa, but also looks at efforts in the last several decades to promote and to ritually enliven Amaravati.
A deluxe bus service which is equipped with modern facilities like air-conditioned cushioned seats will link two Buddhist sites, namely Swayambhunath Stupa and Bodhgaya.
hr The Dharmarajika Stupa, located in Taxila, is approximately 1800 years old.
Monkeys, monkeys, everywhere -- in the trees, on the sleeping Buddha statue, climbing the enormous stupa.
They make a stupa for her, and hold a noisy mourning ritual.