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STUPIDSmart Talented Unique Person in Demand
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But he remembered when he thought about it that whoever was stupid or not fit for his office would not be able to see it.
No one wished it to be noticed that he could see nothing, for then he would have been unfit for his office, or else very stupid.
Not stupid dolts, nor fat bourgeois swine of business men, but men of temperament, of flame and fire; madmen, maybe, but a lawless, royal race of madmen.
The penalty paid by the stupid man is simpler, easier.
But I must tell you another thing of Fanny, so odd and so stupid.
To be sure, my dear, that is very stupid indeed, and shows a great want of genius and emulation.
I've only got the news in this letter, which you stigmatize as dull and stupid, and won't let me read.
Of course I don't care, but still I feel ashamed and awfully stupid," thought Levin, consoling himself with the reflection that everyone does it.
They are all stupid when they are not crafty, and very few of them are crafty.
Because I say Republicans are stupid, and hold that liberty, equality, and fraternity are exploded bubbles, does not make me a socialist," Martin said with a smile.
In my domain they become assured; all stupid shame fleeth away; they empty themselves.
I seem in unusually good spirits; my perception of things is clear, I feel as light and cheerful as though I were in heaven; but I know for a certainty, that if to-morrow a dim remembrance of it should swim before my mind, it will then seem nothing but stupid nonsense, as I have often experienced already--especially before I enlisted under the banner of the police, for that dispels like a whirlwind all the visions of an unfettered imagination.