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Assuming NPO may subcontract, still Section
Pete Domenici (RNM) proposed counting subcontracts as prime contracts to help the department meet its small business procurement goals.
Recently, a Government Business Group (GBG) client received a "request from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) that the client prepare contract briefs on several time-and-materials (T&M) subcontracts in order for DCAA to conduct an incurred cost audit of the client.
Nishida Kosan in turn allegedly subcontracted the work save the paving to Wakachiku for 1.26 billion yen.
While a general contractor has an economic advantage over a prospective subcontractor because the general contractor controls the award of work, this inequality does not automatically give the general contractor the "final say" over the specific subcontract terms with a specific subcontractor.
Coverage also flows down to subcontracts; however, the same type of coverage does not automatically flow down to the subcontract.
It stated, "in every construction subcontract the owner is the one which ultimately benefits from its performance.
Act or the Buy American Act at the subcontract level.
(Nasdaq: CALP) recently announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Caliper have established an Applications Developer Program (ADP) collaboration through a subcontract with Sverdrup Technology Inc.
Specifically, GM will increase first- and second-level subcontract awards to minority and small disadvantaged firms by $1 billion; Ford will increase its contracts by 5900 million; and Chrysler will have an increase of $1 billion.
Every aspect of business carries some degree of risk--one of your key responsibilities as a subcontract management professional is managing these risks to avoid situations that might jeopardize a firm's operations.
Two subcontract offers for full scale development of the CO2 LRF were received by GDLS.