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The subjunctive mood and the syntactic status of the particle na in Modern Greek.
The subjunctive is not almost extinct, but on the contrary, still very much alive.
Without the deferential wistfulness of the subjunctive mood, speech becomes all-knowing, too powerful, as though fiction were but a nascent form of fact, one's every wish an abracadabra away.
If the indicative points to the concrete and the subjunctive to its refusal, Louis's indicative declaration that "I know my cases and genders" asserts, first, that there is an indicative world and, second, that this world values the ability to distinguish between classes and genders.
Other commentators have said that the condition is a factual condition precedent because the subjunctive mood is not used.
He focuses on four plays each in chapters on Ibsen: the buried secret and the big surprise, Chekhov: life in the subjunctive mood, and Strindberg: isles of the dead.
The footnote in Okin's and Morgan's editions goes one step further, offering a nuanced observation to help us appreciate how sly Mill is: "By using the present est instead of the subjunctive sit, Mill misquotes Bacon, thereby making a more pejorative judgment of the views of the many.
Given his hostility to intensional locutions, it is not surprising that Quine was suspicious of the subjunctive conditional.
The PIs work has proposed that photographys egalitarianism and seriality, its individuating propensity, and its subjunctive as if quality all work to constitute citizens as potential co-equals, able to consciously chose idioms of self-representation.
This essay, originally titled "The Subjunctive Self," suggests the value of what is imagined or wished--the subjunctive or, perhaps, subjective self--in fiction.
He told co-writer Bieber, 22, the lyric "If I was your boyfriend" had "clearly used the subjunctive mood incorrectly" and "the correct lyrics should, in fact, be 'If I were your boyfriend'.