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Of these six subordinate commands to USAFRICOM, only half are singularly focused on a specific mission inside the USAFRICOM AOR For the purposes of converting USAFRICOM to a series of JTFs, CJTF-HOA and SOCAFRICA would remain largely intact.
Army Reserve Command, for Deputy Chiefs of Staff, G-1, USAR Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) and General Officer Commands (GOCOM), subject: Procedural Guidance for Officer Involuntary Separations Under Army Regulation (AR) 135-175, Separation of Officers, Chapter 2 (9 Dec.
In addition to the five ASCCs just described, the Department of Army has the following major subordinate commands: the Forces Command (FORSCOM), Army Special Operations Command, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Army Materiel Command (AMC), Army Medical Command, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)--formerly called the Military Traffic Management Command--US Army Intelligence and Security Command, Space and Missile Defense Command, Army Corps of Engineers, Army Criminal Investigation Command, and Army Military District Washington.
New mission command organizations would be sourced and fielded from current major subordinate command formations and the relocation of active USAR and ARNG personnel, Department of the Army (DA) civilians, and military technician billets.
USACE, as a major subordinate command in theater, has a plethora of engineering support services to better enable the FMS program.
Army leaders at all levels use CLS to help understand and make important decisions about how IMCOM and its subordinate commands, regions, and installations will manage the limited funding that IMCOM receives to render installation services.
The ACC will be a two-star-level command with two one-star-level subordinate commands: an expeditionary contracting command and an installation contracting command.
It will have two subordinate commands, an expeditionary contracting command and an installation contracting command, each headed by a brigadier general.
Under the LCMC concept, each AMC subordinate command will be "aligned with acquisition program offices.
As both the Army Service Component Command to US Transportation Command and a Major Subordinate Command to US Army Materiel Command, SDDC is the global intermodal surface connector.
The 207th MIB-T is INSCOM's newest subordinate command, activated in March 2016.