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S/RStorage and Retrieval
S/RSustained Release
S/RSend & Receive
S/RShipping and Receiving
S/RSelling Rate
S/RScreen Role (basketball)
S/RStove/Refrigerator (apartment or home rentals)
S/RSteel Reserve (lager)
S/RShipping Request
S/RShipping Report
S/RSurveillance Requirement
S/RSe Renta (Spanish: for rent)
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5) Call the subroutine in the main program simultaneously from both computers;
When mapping a solution concept to this scale, software organization can reach the point of being an application (Level 3) or creating an environment (Level 4) without first having an extensive number of modules (Level 2) or subroutines (Level 1).
Again these exchanges of data can be achieved by one set of communications between the processors, and are implemented in subroutine MOVPAR.
That will create a subroutine, which will run automatically when a user opens your workbook.
The final line of code in the second subroutine (Listing #2, subroutine #2) of the Browser Form instructs the WebBrowser Control to navigate to the designated page, which appears in the window at run time.
In the subroutine, as used for the example of Hammer's projection given in Figure 1, the distance and direction to Mecca are calculated in spherical coordinates as one does for the normal azimuthal projections.
The following line states that if no file exists with the extension listed in the parameter line, the program should proceed to the subroutine labeled :NEXT.
The actual implementation of the Erlang formula is the subroutine in Lines 2000 through 2130.
It is saving us development time using the U2 Toolkit where we can load dynamic arrays straight from a subroutine into multiple tables with one call, a feature not possible with other databases.
Russian Ministry of Health in collaboration with the expert community produced changes in state programs, particularly in the new document includes 2 subprograms: subroutines and "Development of Emergency Medical Care" and the subroutine D "Organisation providing mandatory health insurance of citizens of the Russian Federation.
This application allows linking the created inference engines with subroutines (one subroutine for each defect).
To determine tool offsets, the user loads any tool into the spindle while in MDI mode, enters one subroutine or programmable G-code, and hits cycle start.