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S/RStorage and Retrieval
S/RSustained Release
S/RSend & Receive
S/RShipping and Receiving
S/RSelling Rate
S/RScreen Role (basketball)
S/RStove/Refrigerator (apartment or home rentals)
S/RSteel Reserve (lager)
S/RShipping Request
S/RShipping Report
S/RSurveillance Requirement
S/RSe Renta (Spanish: for rent)
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To implement the guess step mentioned above, their algorithm pre-computes almost all execution paths and the set of all modified local variables in each subroutine.
Using subroutines, processes are broken down into many small, independent flowcharts.
This is done so that the macro can begin specifying the keyword with only one character before it, as specified by the subroutine named mark.
NEXT is a subroutine that uses SHIFT to look at the next parameter on the command line.
The user can thus decide whether to test for errors individually for each subroutine, collectively for a group of subroutines, or even to ignore them altogether under certain circumstances.
Given an n x n banded symmetric matrix A with 2k + 1 nonzero diagonals, the LAPACK subroutine DSBTRD determines a sequence of Givens transformations Q such that
Subroutines share the same activation record as the method which uses them, and they can be called from different locations in the same method, enabling all locations where finally code must be executed to jump to a single subroutine containing that code.
His reasoning was that the subroutine capability of Fortran.
25*A)**2/C1 return end subroutine comput (c,w,b,d,er,Cc,n) real c,w,b,d,er,bn,bw,Ln,Pn,Yn,Mn,A1,A2,A,C1 real Cc,eo,pi integer n,i pi=3.
This is subroutine allows the user to choose the available formats (displayed using a /, data, query, unique command).
Each location can have only one name; if the same location is used in a different subroutine, it cannot be renamed.
Tenders are invited for "Spectral and analytical complex on the basis of a wide-range of the monochromator" According to the program subroutine 14 5 "Development of Higher Education"