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STTLSit Tibi Terra Levis (Latin: May the Earth Rest Lightly Upon You, epigraphy)
STTLStandard Transistor-Transistor Logic
STTLSchottky Transistor-Transistor Logic (circuit)
STTLSekolah Tinggi Teknik Lingkungan
STTLSubtitle (recordings)
STTLShout to the Lord (Christian song)
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All subtitles and captions shown on the BBC's four UK terrestrial channels will be added to the system soon after broadcast.
One hardof-hearing viewer said: "The subtitles on Corrie are entertainment value on their own and you get some real belters.
Unlike its English original, which refers to sexual acts, the Chinese subtitle [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (qU ni de, Go away yours) in example (3) invokes the theme of separation.
The results of an Ofcom consultation showed viewers noting problems with the speed, accuracy and presentation of live subtitles s, while they often appeared out of time with the pictures.
Having suffered problems in the past, Martin checked the website and posters outside the cinema on Mary Ann Street before double-checking with staff - all of which confirmed there would be subtitles.
Subtitle F mandates electronic claims filing by developing 1) Standard Healthcare Transaction and Code Set (effective 10/16/2002 or file for an extension, see below), 2) Patient Privacy Standard (effective 4/14/2003), 3) Information System Security Standard and 4) National Standard Healthcare Provider Identifier.
Only sand that has been removed from the sand loop "for disposal (or for subsequent treatment or storage prior to disposal)" is a solid waste potentially tinder the jurisdiction of the RCRA subtitle C.
Since the employee FICA tax is an employment tax imposed by subtitle C, the income tax liability provisions of IRC section 6013 under subtitle A does not apply.
In certain circumstances, section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978(1*) provides relief from worker classification controversies regarding "employment taxes" imposed under subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Board supported these clarifications and supports the addition of similar clarifying provisions to title VI, subtitle A of H.
LAS VEGAS -- CPC's award winning MacCaption software now adds stereoscopic 3D subtitle authoring to its versatile arsenal of HD closed captioning and subtitling post production capabilities.
Cavena provides state of the art subtitling solutions for everyone, from the free-lance subtitle translator to the multiple-channel playout centre.