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STTLSit Tibi Terra Levis (Latin: May the Earth Rest Lightly Upon You, epigraphy)
STTLStandard Transistor-Transistor Logic
STTLSchottky Transistor-Transistor Logic (circuit)
STTLSekolah Tinggi Teknik Lingkungan
STTLSubtitle (recordings)
STTLShout to the Lord (Christian song)
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Attackers could easily sneak a malicious file alongside the subtitle file.
Our research reveals a new possible attack vector, using a completely overlooked technique in which the cyberattack is delivered when movie subtitles are loaded by the user's media player.
Currently, you need to pirate something to end up with one of the malicious subtitle files.
29) While the reading of subtitles is disrupted when there is a mismatch--or an apparent mismatch--of audio content and subtitle content, the viewing experience of a dubbed film is disrupted when the formal criteria of visual synchronization are not respected.
Mike Dolan, chairman of the SMPTE Technology Committee on TV and Broadband, says: "The IMSC1 profile simplifies TTML to meet the closed caption feature of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)-708 standard for digital TV (DTV) closed captioning, as well as subtitle requirements for theatrical and distributed media such as Blu-ray"
Learning multimedia materials with both narration (spoken text) and subtitles (written text) can cause a split-attention effect (Mayer, Hegarty, Mayer, & Campbell, 2005).
With a view to analysing subtitle translation in terms of static and dynamic images, this paper begins with considerations of key issues and concerns in subtitle translation.
She began writing fan subtitles in 2011, when she couldn't find the subtitled version of her favorite talk-show, "Radio Star.
Broadcasters have been told to submit reports on the quality of their subtitles to help identify areas for improvement - but it appears the ruling has been lost in translation at Corrie HQ.
Operas are commonly sung in Italian or German, so opera houses often install large LED displays in front of the stage wings to provide subtitles during performances.
TV broadcasters will have to measure the quality of the subtitles they provide on live television programmes, the broadcasting watchdog has announced.
SIR - As a profoundly deaf person, depending 100% on subtitles for TV programmes, I was delighted to read the letter (July 22) from Mr Cedric Moon, secretary of Wales Deaf Broadcasting Council, that ITV has agreed to subtitle The Ferret and other Welsh-made programmes in the future.