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SUCCIStudent Union of Confederation College Inc. (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada)
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Board members that are drawn from the community have a direct touch on the pulse of community needs and can relay that information to hospital managers in shaping the hospital's service configuration (Alexander, Weiner, and Succi 2000).
A member hospital's identity might be changed, for example, when its ownership type is incompatible with that of the system (Succi 1996).
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Because these data offer the most comprehensive set of variables for studying hospital organizations, they have been widely used in studying the health care field (D'Aunno, Succi & Alexander, 2000; Fennell & Alexander, 1993; Scott et al., 2000).
Debido a este tipo de limitantes, se postula que la forma mas eficiente de realizar el estudio es formular una aproximacion alternativa a los metodos clasicos de dispersion de agentes antiparasitarios aplicados por bano cerrado, mediante un modelo hidrodinamico particular en redes de Lattice Boltzmann (LBM) (Chen & Doolen, 1998; Succi, 2001) basado en la arquitectura de automatas celulares, plataforma teorica que es considerada exitosa para estudiar sistemas hidrodinamicos.
El uso de herramientas automatizadas de mineria de procesos puede ayudar a disenar evaluaciones objetivas mediante la reduccion de la intervencion humana (Astromskis, Janes, Sillitti & Succi, 2014; Van der Aalst, 2016).
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