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All these four stems in table 6, with the suffix, rious carry primary stress on first syllable.
Female possessive adjectives always end in the '-in' suffix (1), exemplified in (6), male possessive adjectives always end in '-ov', illustrated in the examples (7).
However, the Generic Pharmaceutical Association's (GPhA) Biosimilars Council opposed FDA's proposal, claiming that "adding a suffix .
The suffix -z is an adverbial adjective suffix corresponding to 'a verb-adjective' as in 'sem+iz' ('fat') from the verb 'semir-' 'to fatten' and 'qut+uz' ('mad') from the verb 'qutur-' 'to go mad'.
In the present investigation, 15 Swedish first-term university students, having studied English for about ten years, were asked to take two gap-filling context-based tests, one in their L1 (Swedish) and one in their L2 (English), both of which were frequency-based (both stem and suffix considered).
If the suffix doesn't have any part number, then the width of inner and outer races is 2.
a) the still productive and frequent -mo, -ma, -me deverbal noun suffix (nomen actionis and nomen instrumenti);
These classes include (i) suffixes that never attach to an already suffixed word; (ii) suffixes that occur after a unique, specific suffix; (iii) freely attaching suffixes that can attach after any other suffix; and (iv) problematic suffixes that attach to more than one suffix but which are not completely unrestricted.
syes, -sy's plural and possessive of -sy, an affectionate suffix for small one, eg mopsy
The suffix array [8] of w is a permutation r of the indices 1 .
However, following Retso, the only functional unity that characterizes them is the grammaticalized function of marking a pronoun object suffix.