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SCMSupply Chain Management
SCMSoftware Configuration Management
SCMSupply Chain Manager
SCMSchool of Clinical Medicine (various locations)
SCMSociedad Colombiana de Matemáticas (Colombia)
SCMService Center Manager
SCMSteering Committee Meeting
SCMSource Code Management
SCMSchool of Christian Mission (various locations)
SCMSternocleidomastoid Muscle
SCMSteering Committee Member
SCMSweet Condensed Milk
SCMSubsidies and Countervailing Measures
SCMSports Car Market (magazine)
SCMSwitch Control Module
SCMStinky Cheese Man
SCMStudent Christian Movement
SCMSingle Chip Microcomputer
SCMSurya Citra Media (Indonesian companies)
SCMStorage Class Memory
SCMSupplementary Cementitious Materials (concrete)
SCMSystem Control and Monitoring
SCMSweet Chin Music (wrestling finishing move)
SCMSupply Chain Marketing
SCMSupplementary Cementing Materials
SCMSource Control Management (software version control)
SCMSummary Court-Martial
SCMSupport Center Manager
SCMMaster of Science
SCMStandard Cubic Meter (unit of measurement)
SCMSalted Caramel Mocha (coffee)
SCMSystem Capital Management (Ukraine)
SCMSpecial Court Martial (various militaries)
SCMSingle Column Model (climate)
SCMSno Cone Machine
SCMSpinal Cord Medicine
SCMSubsea Control Module
SCMSunrise Clinical Manager (healthcare computer software system)
SCMService Continuity Management
SCMSemantic Content Management (software)
SCMSystem Control Module
SCMSouth Central Michigan
SCMSplit Cord Malformation
SCMSecurity Configuration Management (software)
SCMStereo Condenser Microphone
SCMSource Code Manager
SCMSospensioni a Controllo Magnetoreologico
SCMService Continuity Manager
SCMScheme File
SCMSpatial Channel Model
SCMSmart Card Manager
SCMService Control Manager
SCMSession Connector Manager
SCMScreencam Format
SCMSub Carrier Multiplexing
SCMSingle Chip Module
SCMSingle Carrier Modulation
SCMSecurity Configuration Manager
SCMScreen Camera
SCMStation Class Mark
SCMService Connection Manager
SCMSecondary Collision Mitigation
SCMSubcontract Manager
SCMSecure Content Manager
SCMSecondary Scale Multiplier
SCMSupport Case Manager
SCMSecure Content Management
SCMSub-Carrier Modulation
SCMState Certified Midwife (UK)
SCMSoftware Change Management
SCMStormwater Control Measure (biofiltration)
SCMSite Condition Monitoring (Scottish Natural Heritage: UK)
SCMScotia Capital Markets (Canada)
SCMShort Course Meters (swimming)
SCMSacre Coeur Minerals Ltd. (Canada)
SCMStandard Cost Management
SCMSuggested Control Measure
SCMShopping Centre Management (various organizations)
SCMStructured Content Management
SCMSingle-Carrier Modulation
SCMSecurity Countermeasures
SCMSocial Content Management
SCMSite Configuration Message (US NASA)
SCMSports Club Management
SCMSecurity Compliance Manager (IBM)
SCMSingle-Chip Module
SCMStarcraft Map (scenario file extension)
SCMScanning Capacitance Microscope
SCMSeattle Center Monorail (Seattle, WA)
SCMScooter Club Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
SCMSmart Contact Manager
SCMSub-Carrier Multiplexing
SCMStructured Capital Market
SCMSydney City Mission (Australia)
SCMSelf-Consolidating Mortar
SCMSignal Conditioning Module
SCMStewardship Commercial Management (real estate)
SCMSquadron Corporal Major (UK)
SCMSmith Corona Marchant
SCMSecurity Council Mission (UN)
SCMSolaris Container Manager (software)
SCMSurvivable Crisis Management
SCMSociété Canadienne des Microbiologistes
SCMSmall Core Memory
SCMStandards Compliance Manager
SCMStrategic Cruise Missile
SCMSeattle Conservatory of Music (Seattle, WA)
SCMSee Clearly Method (eye exercise treatment)
SCMSample Covariance Matrix
SCMStandard Cluster Munitions
SCMScientific Computing and Modeling
SCMSingle Chip Microprocessor
SCMService Configuration Manager (Sprint - ISMF)
SCMSide Channel Pump
SCMSecurities Claims Management (Charlottesville, VA)
SCMSubscriber Carrier Module
SCMService Control Management
SCMService des Compagnies Motocyclistes (French: Motorcycle Service Companies; road safety)
SCMSideband Correlation Matrix
SCMSociété de Calcul Mathématique (French: Calculating Mathematical Society; Paris, France)
SCMSociété Canadienne de Malherbologie (Canadian Weed Science Society)
SCMService Connection Manager (Cisco)
SCMShin-Nihon Computer Management (Japan)
SCMSCADA Cryptographic Module
SCMSuccessive Correction Method
SCMSender's Composition Message (US Navy)
SCMSurface Contamination Monitor
SCMSuperposition-Coded Modulation
SCMSingle Christian Male
SCMSecure Computing Magazine
SCMSelected Communications Mode
SCMSoftware Cost Model
SCMSpace Cargo Modified
SCMService Channel Modem (Ciena)
SCMSamarium Cobalt Magnet
SCMSingle Chip Model
SCMSupreme Committee Members (Emirates Bank)
SCMSub-sea Control Module
SCMSelect Coding Method (ITU-T)
SCMSystem Communication Module (Telabs)
SCMStochastic Cold Miss
SCMShelf Control Module
SCMSchedule Creation/Maintenance
SCMSalient Capital Management, LLC
SCMSoftware Criticality Matrix
SCMSubscribers Circuit Routine Test
SCMSociety for Cardiovascular Management
SCMSelf Contained Motor
SCMSolution Consultant Manager
SCMSorties per Crew per Month
SCMSymbol Clock Model
SCMSelf-Consistent Map
SCMSenior Citizen Moment
SCMStylemaster Custom Motorcycle Corporation
SCMShift Communication Manager
SCMSet Control Module
SCMShaded Contour Map
SCMSmith Corona Machine Company
SCMSecondary Cementing Material (construction)
SCMSample Co-variance Matrix
SCMSynchronous Channel Multiplexer
SCMSubscriber Control Module
SCMSum-Capacity Maximization
SCMSecurity Control Monitor
SCMSignal, Customer Maintenance (Lucent)
SCMShadow Council Mafia (gaming clan)
SCMSouthwest Conference of Mayors (Orland Park, IL)
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summary court-martial is conducted by "one commissioned officer on
The summary court-martial can adjudicate minor offenses allegedly
James Dubik, the base commander, decided that the summary court-martial was the better option for Swift, she said.
The summary court-martial can adjudicate minor offenses allegedly committed by enlisted servicemembers.
A summary court-martial is the lowest forum for trial.
(23) Army Regulation 27-10 states that minor offenses for Article 15 should equate to an "average offense tried by summary court-martial," essentially stating that NJP and SCM are interchangeable as a disposition choice.
Since the South Vietnamese were unwilling to prosecute American civilians for criminal offenses, Miller decided to prosecute a civilian offender at a summary court-martial.
The division also was busy producing 16-milimeter black-and-white training films, including "Uniform Code of Military Justice," "Non-Judicial Punishment," "The Investigating officer," "The General Court-Martial," "The Special Court-Martial," and "The Summary Court-Martial." (20)
Specialist (SPC) Megan Ambuhl was found guilty of dereliction of duty at a summary court-martial on 30 October 2004 and was sentenced to a reduction in rank.
This gives the impression there is not enough court-martial work in theater to justify the presence of a judge." (39) Another judge advocate explained his unit's decision to try serious offenses that would normally warrant general court-martial at summary courts-martial as follows: "Because a full trial at a 'general' court-martial was time-consuming--requiring a military judge to fly into Iraq--our brigade often used 'summary court-martial,' a trial where the judge could be one of our higher-ranking field grade officers...." (40) Returning units frequently commented on judicial coverage and flexibility, assessing both in a broad range from poor (41) to excellent.
Soldiers accused of committing criminal acts under the UCMJ may be tried by general, special, or summary court-martial. (186) The most serious offenses, including those which are subject to the death penalty, are tried by general or special court-martial under the Federal UCMJ.
(19) During the presentencing proceedings, the government introduced a summary court-martial conviction for unauthorized absence from the appellant's personnel records.
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