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SMJSingapore Medical Journal (Singapore Medical Association)
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SMJService Municipal de La Jeunesse (French: Municipal Youth Service)
SMJsubject matter jurisdiction
SMJSummary Judgment (legal term)
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SMJScrap Metal Junkie (recycling resource)
SMJSociété des Mines de Jouac (French: Jouac Mining Company; France)
SMJSongklanagarind Medical Journal (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)
SMJSweet Mother of Jesus
SMJSmartjack (Hekimian)
SMJSchönstatt-Mannes-Jugend (German religious initiative)
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Consider requesting a mini budget on the summary judgment motion, or negotiate a not-to-exceed figure.
Adjusters often sense that attorneys suggest summary judgment motions because they generate added work and revenue.
However, summary judgment motions consume substantial time, energy and money.
To understand the policies underlying the federal summary judgment doctrine, it is helpful to first review the historic development of summary judgment as a procedural tool.
As a result, pre-1986 summary judgment rulings required that the movant present evidence negating the nonmovant's case in order to obtain summary judgment.
Catrett, (21) the Supreme Court addressed the standard for summary judgment in the context of an asbestos case.
only summary judgment doctrine but also the facts on the ground in
that evidence suggests that summary judgment started to assume a greater
authors to analyze data on summary judgment activity for six time
existence of a standard of admissibility for summary judgment materials.
litigants must put summary judgment materials in a "form" that
meets trial admissibility standards at the moment summary judgment is
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