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SUMOSuperMoto (motorcycle racing style)
SUMOSmall Ubiquitin-Like Modifier (forum)
SUMOShut Up, Move On (Paul McGee book)
SUMOSupport Mozilla
SUMOSuggested Upper Merged Ontology
SUMOSoftware Update Monitor
SUMOMozilla Support (Firefox support)
SUMOSurgery and Molecular Oncology (Department of Dundee University)
SUMOSufficiently Uniform Memory Organization
SUMOSpacecraft for the Unmanned Modification of Orbits (US DARPA)
SUMOStanford University Mathematical Organization
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Trump, who had earlier played golf with Abe and eaten double hamburgers for lunch, said: "I've always wanted to see sumo wrestling, so that was really great."
The new offering extends the comprehensive TM4 SUMO line-up, which is powering more than 12,000 electrified vehicles today.
Sumo Digital has in the last 12 months accounted for around 40% of Red Kite's sales with the other 60% coming from projects that are not publicly disclosed.
"If you had told me when I entered sumo that I would become an ozeki, I think I'd have been very surprised," Takatasu told the Japanese media.
glutathione S transferase (Rabhi-Essafi et al., 2007), Nus A (De Marco et al., 2004), Maltose binding protein (Kapust and Waugh, 1999) and small ubiquitin like modifying protein (SUMO) (Butt et al., 2005; Zhu et al., 2013) are widely used fusion tags for soluble expression and simplify purification process of target proteins (Zhu et al., 2013).
For more than two hours every weekday afternoon, the 17 men and nine women of Asahi University's sumo club stretch, warm up and perform drills together, although for safety reasons they conduct full-on bouts separately.
GIFU: It isn't hard to see why Chisaki Okumura is one of Japan's best female sumo wrestlers.
The JSA was forced to apologise after women who rushed to the aid of a local mayor who had collapsed during a speech at a regional event were repeatedly told to leave a sumo ring.
The trouble-prone JSA was then further criticised after trying to prevent girls from participating in a children's sumo event in Shizuoka prefecture, citing "safety concerns."In an attempt to arrest the latest public relations disaster to hit the roly-poly sport, officials met on Saturday, but failed to reach a decision on reversing their men-only rule.
A press conference was held on April 9 where representatives from the city, International Sumo Federation, and the Taiwanese Sumo Association, all signed contracts and publicly announced the event.
THE head of Japan's sumo association has apologised over an incident in which women first responders were asked to leave the ring as they attempted to revive an official who collapsed.
Sumo Sushi & Bento , a home-grown Japanese restaurant chain has announced #MySumoStory, its first ever photography competition.