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SUMSSpringer Undergraduate Mathematics Series (textbooks)
SUMSShiraz University of Medical Science (Shiraz, Iran)
SUMSSociety of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (McGill University)
SUMSStanford University Mass Spectrometry (San Francisco, California)
SUMSShuttle Upper Atmosphere Mass Spectrometer
SUMSSouthampton University Mathematics Society
SUMSSpectrum Use Management System
SUMSStandard USAREUR Munitions System
SUMSSystem Usage Monitoring System (monitoring/diagnostic system tracking inflight stress and vibration)
SUMSSystem User's Management System
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The sum required was far too great for any individual, or even any single State, to provide the requisite millions.
Godfrey Ablewhite was entrusted with the care of a sum of twenty thousand pounds--as one of two Trustees for a young gentleman, who was still a minor in the year eighteen hundred and forty-eight.
Night found him, not only equipped with money of his own, but once more (as on that former occasion) saddled with a considerable sum of other people's.
"A quarter or five thousand livres!" cried Colbert, struck, as Fouquet had been, with the generosity of the sum for a soldier's pension, "why, that would be a pension of twenty thousand livres?"
"Ready money." And the Englishman drew from his pocket a bundle of bank-notes, which might have been twice the sum M.
"The proposal for this scientific undertaking was officially made, yesterday, at the rooms of the Royal Geographical Society, and the sum of twenty-five hundred pounds was voted to defray the expenses of the enterprise.
Congress, by the articles which compose that compact (as has already been stated), are authorized to ascertain and call for any sums of money necessary, in their judgment, to the service of the United States; and their requisitions, if conformable to the rule of apportionment, are in every constitutional sense obligatory upon the States.
And with a proud consciousness of serving his country wisely and well he charged that sum to the account.
Sometimes he staked a large sum, but Dolokhov refused to accept it and fixed the stake himself.
This violent resolution was not lasting; his zeal gave way to his avarice, and he could not think of losing so large a sum as he knew he might expect for our ransom: he therefore sent us word that it was in our choice either to die, or to pay him thirty thousand crowns, and demanded to know our determination.
How could he answer it to himself to rob his child, and his only child too, of so large a sum? And what possible claim could the Miss Dashwoods, who were related to him only by half blood, which she considered as no relationship at all, have on his generosity to so large an amount.
"You consider it, undoubtedly, a handsome sum of money.