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SUNNSenior Umbrella Network of Nassau (New York)
SUNNStudents for Understanding Nutrition Now (Florida)
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Studies on the influence of BEU size on the estimation of optimum plot size, obtained by the method of maximum curvature of coefficient of variation model (PARANAIBA et al., 2009), were developed to evaluate the fresh matter of white lupine (CARGNELUTTI FILHO et al., 2016b), forage turnip (CARGNELUTTI FILHO et al., 2016a), and sunn hemp (FACCO et al., 2017).
This difference may have resulted in a nitrogen release not in synchrony with the yam plant demands or even in a lower final sunn hemp residue N availability.
This study aimed to measure, quantitatively, the effect of tillage systems and different cover crops (millet, sunn hemp and spontaneous plants in the fallow period) on soil density, total porosity, macro and microporosity and soil resistance to penetration in different layers, as well as soybean yield.
The water salinity, nitrogen dose and their interaction did also not present significant residual effect on the Shoot Dry Mass (MSPA), Root Dry Mass (MSR) and total Dry Mass (MST) of Sunn Hemp (Table 2).
The feeding preferences of red legged partridge (RLP), Alectoris chukar Gray (Galliformes: Phasianidae), on wheat kernel (WK), sunn pest (SP) Eurygaster integriceps Put.
HYDERABAD -- The 20th death anniversary of GM Syed, the founder of Sindhi nationalist movement is being observed today (Saturday) at Sunn.
SCOTT WALKER AND SUNN O))) - SOUSED FORMER 1960s pop balladeer and modern avant garde singer Scott Walker hasn't been considered prolific for a long time.
As a lifelong swimmer and surfer, Lagarde has focused her lens on telling the stories of womens surfing communities, from the three generations of women nurturing each other in Swell to her intimate portrait of the Hawaiian surfing legend Rell Sunn in Heart of the Sea: Kapolioka'ehukai.
He said that this year's climate had encouraged the early appearance of sunn insects in the country -- a pest that feeds on barley and wheat crops and that could vastly reduce yields.
[18.] Adekunle OK (2011) Amendment of soil with African marigold and sunn hemp for management of Meloicogyne incognita in selected legumes.