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SUShut Up
SUSketchUp (Google application)
SUStumble Upon (website)
SUStraight Up
SuSunnuntai (Finnish: Sunday)
SUStatens Uddannelsesstøtte (state education grant and loan scheme in Denmark)
SUSiehe Unten (German: see below)
SUSonic Underground (TV show)
SUSpecial Unitary (mathematics; group theory)
SUService Uniform (US Navy)
SUSihala Urumaya (political party, Sri Lanka)
SUSupply-Use (tables)
SUSvar Udbedes (Danish: Reply Requested, on invitations)
SUSiegburg/Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German license plate)
SUStat Unit
SUSukhoi, Pavel Osipovich (aircraft designer)
SUSafe, Undetected Failure
SUSindh University Jamshoro (Pakistan)
SUSulphonyl Urea (herbicide)
SUSpitali Ushtarak (Albanian: Military Hospital)
SUSociety of the Sisters of St. Ursula (religious order)
SUSubmarine Unqualified
SUSurd'Universo ( Portugal)
SUSources and Uses
SUSilpakorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)
SUShenandoah University (Winchester, VA, USA)
SUSeattle University
SUScrew You
SUsearch unit (US DoD)
SUSoviet Union
SUShareholders United (campaigning to keep Manchester United independent)
SUSubscriber Unit
SUSwitch User (Linux)
SUStrayer University
SUShepherd University (Shepherdstown, WV)
SUSiliman University (Philippines)
SUSofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
SUAeroflot (airline code)
SUSingle User
SUSullivan University (Lexington, Kentucky)
SUStart Up (various organizations)
SUSudbury (Ontario city)
SUSouth Underground
SUSouthwestern University (Georgetown, Texas)
SUSydney University (Sydney, Australia)
SUStandard Unit
SUSamakhodnaya Ustanovka (Soviet self-propelled gun)
SUSims Unleashed (game)
SUSignal Unit (CCS #7 ITU-T)
SUShiraz University
SUSahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset (Gothenburg, Sweden hospital)
SUSituational Understanding (US Army)
SUStetson University
SUStudent Union
SUSonic Unleashed (video game)
SUSkinners Union
SUSpringfield University (The Simpsons)
SUSabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey)
SUSchreiner University (Kerrville, Texas)
SUSurface Unit
SUSub Urban Area (terrain type)
SUSalisbury University
SUScoville Unit (heat level of chili peppers)
SUSupervisory (duties)
SUStroke Unit (medicine)
SUService Unit
SUSusquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA)
SUSpousal Unit
SUScripture Union
SUStockholm University (Sweden)
SUSuperb Used (philately)
SUCanceled-To-Order (special philatelic cancel; hobby usage)
SUBelarus (ISO Country Identifier)
SUSamford University (Birmingham, AL, USA)
SUSelectable Unit (IBM)
SUSensor Unit
SUSignaling Unit
SUSoftware Update
SUSouthern University
SUStanford University (Stanford, CA)
SUStorage Unit
SUStudents' Union
SUSub Unit (USMC)
SUSyracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
SUShippensburg University
SUSwitching Unit
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Pamela Knapp (60) is expected to be promoted as a new member to the Supervisory Board for LANXESS.
Dr Fritz Frohlich, the previous chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr.
Tipp24 will announce proposals for a successor of Jaenecke and the future new members of the supervisory board at the annual general meeting.
Supervisory boards consists of individuals, who combine their competencies and capabilities that collectively represent the pool of social capital for their corporation and contribute towards executing the governance function (Carpenter & Westphal, 2001).
Verhagen appointment follows the departure of Y Barbieux from the supervisory board.
Department leaders began updating their current supervisory structure by clarifying the role of the sergeant because they realized that once they defined this position, they could design the other ranks to work around this critical first-line supervisor.
Ali of the BHC's numeric ratings, including the composite, component, and subcomponent ratings, should be presented in the inspection report in accordance with Federal Reserve supervisory practices.
Using fees from regulated institutions, rather than taxpayer funds, can protect the supervisory agency from being crippled in the appropriations process without jeopardizing the ultimate accountability of the supervisor to the legislative body.
The court grappled with a tension in the Labor Relations Act that excludes supervisory personnel from unions but includes professionals such as professional health care workers.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA): SCADA is defined as including software, hardware and services used for the control of geographically dispersed assets.
Over the past days, many customers, employees and other stakeholders have expressed their opinion to us, commented Jeroen van der Veer, chairman of INGs Supervisory Board.
The candidates were selected by the commission from representatives of civil society organizations, members of public supervisory boards, officials from President's Administration, Prime Minister's Office, Chui oblast state administration.
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