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In 2023, we shall rationalize Kadaria Ahmed's townhall out of existence because she did not read our memo on the entitlements of the beast we have created - the supine entitled.
In this study, we measured IOP in healthy individuals in sitting, standing, and supine position and evaluated differences in IOP between these positions.
There was a strong correlation between IOM and rising isotope curves in the pharynx when supine (Pearson correlation coefficients: 0.29, p=0.003) and upright (Pearson correlation coefficients: 0.38, p=0.00).
Results show that the median time spent sleeping supine was reduced significantly from 48.3 minutes during the control night to 28.5 minutes during the intervention night.
POTS, which also causes lightheadedness or fainting as the primary symptom, is a condition in which an excessively reduced volume of blood returns to the heart when moving from the supine to the standing position.
Patients were observed in 9 different positions being 15[degrees],30[degrees],45[degrees] supine; 15[degrees],30[degrees],45[degrees] left lateral; 15[degrees],30[degrees],45[degrees] right lateral.
Also, a recent study found an interaction between the blood sampling arm position and the condition such that [DELTA]PV was greater in the Pendent arm than in the arm supported in the Horizontal position when the subjects went from supine to seated rest.
Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) patients show symptoms of orthostatic intolerance with increasing heart rate (HR) when the body moves from supine to an upright position or after standing for a long period.[1] Our group reported that POTS was present in 6.9% of children.[2] The pathogenesis of POTS, however, is unclear.
The supine position of the mother predisposes to aorto-caval compression as a result of pressure effects from the gravid uterus leading to decreased venous return and cardiac output especially in the late pregnancy.