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SURAShan United Revolutionary Army
SURASoutheastern University Research Association
SURASouthern Universities Research Association (Washington, DC)
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Grupo Sura is looking to reduce its debt to between 10 percent and 12 percent of its loan-to-value portfolio from 15 percent within two to three years.
Cleverly capitalising on its beach-facing location, its signature meal is breakfast, which is served until 4pm ("We knew from the start that breakfast was the way to go," says Sura.
Examples of sura 18 verse 109-110; surah 4 verse 63
As pointed out by Search for Common Ground, a non-profit organization devoted to ending violent conflict, the fourth sura of the Quran was written in the early 7th century CE, when Islam was a young, embattled religion.
Another 'paisa', or Antioquia native, that has managed to reinvent itself by entering other markets is Grupo SURA.
Otra 'paisa' que ha logrado reinventarse para ingresar a otros mercados es el Grupo Sura.
Meanwhile, the Crime Branch has gathered reliable information about the existence of Sura Baba's ashrams in nearly 10
BAGHDAD / Nina / Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday the killing of 18 terrorists, including the economic official of Fallujah terrorist / Abu Sura Al-Mslawi / and the destruction of a plant for booby- trapping and the burning of three vehicles in Fallujah.
Suramericana SA, a subsidiary of Colombia's SURA Group which specializes in the industry for insurance, health and occupational hazards, said Feb.
The program, launched by the Quran and Books department, an affiliate of the General Presidency for the grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque Affairs, was designed to educate non-Arabic speaking visitors, Umrah performers and pilgrims at the grand mosque how to recognize and utter Arabic letters, and recite the opening Sura (chapter of the holy Quran) called Al-Fatiha, and selected short Suras enough for a non-Arabic worshipper to perform his prayers.
Tarjomanel Quran, in fact, the vocabulary of Arabic- Persian of Holy Qur'an This book, like "Almotakhales" was organized in order of the Suras of the Quran So the prime sura by names mentioned And then the words sura and their translations and verse by verse, is expressed And vice versa, "Tarajemol al aajem The difference is that with Almstkhls and translation Jurjani In those two books Quran words One by one to Persian translated But sometimes a sentence Is turned into the Persian.
Sura 2:57 in the Qur'an says, "We gave you the shade of clouds and sent down to you manna and quails, saying 'Eat of the good things We have provided for you'.