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SUSSuspend (Message)
SUSSee You Soon
SUSSecondary Uses Service (UK health informatics)
SUSSaybolt Universal Seconds
SUSServiço Único de Saúde (Brazil)
SUSStochastic Universal Sampling
SUSSolid Unbleached Sulfate (paperboard packaging grade)
SUSSilicon Unilateral Switch
SUSSport Utility Sedan (Subaru)
SUSSteel Use Stainless (stainless steel Mmaterial)
SUSSt Louis County, Missouri (Spirit of St Louis Airport)
SUSSignal Underwater Sound (device)
SUSSpeech Understanding System
SUSSemantically Unpredictable Sentence
SUSStripe Unit Size
SUSSystem Usability Score (user interface scale)
SUSSociety's Ugly Son (band)
SUSSemi-Orthogonal User Selection
SUSSound Underwater Signal
SUSSoftware Unit Specification
SUSSonar Underwater Signal
SUSShared Use System
SUSSoldier Under Sentence (UK military rank for imprisoned soldiers)
SUSSpecial Unit Separators
SUSSingle UNIX Specification
SUSScience Undergraduate Society
SUSSight Unseen
SUSSoftware Update Services (Microsoft)
SUSSustain (piano)
SUSScottish Universities Sports
SUSSistema Único de Saúde (Portugese)
SUSState University System (Florida public colleges)
SUSSociety of University Surgeons
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However, David is still eligible to take advantage of the file and suspend strategy.
Leveraging Librato's ground-breaking operating system abstraction layer, Librato Smart Suspend enables the safe, efficient and proper suspension and resumption of applications to run higher priority jobs.
The Palace had earlier said it would not suspend classes and government work on Tuesday because the transport strike 'barely affected the riding public.
The Service is required to suspend the accrual of interest and time-sensitive penalties under Sec.
But bosses of Angus NHS Trust yesterday denied they had been slow to suspend Sharma from duty.
PESHAWAR -- Peshawar Electric Supply Company(PESCO) on Monday announced to suspend power supply to various areas of the province The company's spokesperson said due to Maintenance Work.
The ongoing transport strike forced some universities and local governments in Metro Manila to suspend afternoon classes and office work.
Effective April 2, 2007, Air New Zealand will suspend its Los Angeles-Papeete-Rarotonga service, currently operated by the airline three times per week.
Why suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus when bodies of summarily killed criminals already abound?
LANCASTER - JetHawks manager Wally Backman said the California League's decision to suspend outfielder Reggie Abercrombie for three games and fine him an undisclosed amount might have more to do with him than Abercrombie.